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The type of young, so-california resident who parties like a frat-boy well into their 30's. Can typically be found wearing tight t-shirts advertising labels such as affliction or the like. This expensive partying lifestyle is normally supported by trust funds set up by rich parents. Usually don't treat women very well and refer to them as "pussy" or "bitches". Have a habit of leaving bars drunk and wanting to start fights with innocent bystanders in order to feel more secure about their upper class beginnings.
Watch out for the bro-douche leaving the bar with his friends. They look a bit red in the face

Dude, I think those bro-douche's over there just bought a round of 8 red-bull vodka's
by gldnegle March 27, 2010
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A man who has a gigantic truck with gigantic off-road tires, a sticker on the back with Calvin peeing on a competing brand of truck, and he lives in the city and never goes off-road. The uniform of the Brodouche is lots of gel in the hair at all times, and at night has a shiny collared shirt that is never tucked in, or a super tight Ed Hardy shirt. He always has a bro-ho with him.

He thinks that he is way cooler, and more important than he really is.
I know that you can't help it, but quit being a Brodouche!
by Lone wolf 81 March 09, 2010
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(Noun) One who wears Affliction and or Tap out clothing.
Usually thinks very highly of themselves.
by Kelloggfu!@er March 06, 2010
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When a Bro, usually covered in tattoos with tight shirt, dickies shorts, and sometimes trucker hat, is labeled by actions or appearance as a douche. Can also be spotted by habit of drinking bud light or miller 64, and sometimes other lime infused girly beers.
anna looks dead, cindy looks like she drank 15 red bulls, and i just look like a bro-douche
by JoeyB1388 January 14, 2011
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a brother who is a douche. Often used in sibling arguments.
"Jasper you are such a brodouche!"
"just ask my brodouche"
by EShanks January 23, 2009
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