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when a dude gives another dude a blowjob
hey homo, give any more brojobs lately?
by chadsicle January 23, 2005
A form of incest, where one child gives his brother a blowjob.
Bill and Ted are brothers. Jeff had always wanted to see incest, so he got his friend Bill to give Ted a brojob.
by phildm99 October 18, 2007
When your STi or EVO gets a tune that is less then worthwhile.
A term generally used when refering to a certain eastcoast tuner whom can't stop using the word "bro".
Dude your "flash" is knocking, who the hell tuned this? Sounds to me like you got a brojob. Better save up for a new motor on your Buscher Racing stage 1 STi.
When you're chillin with yo bromies, ya know, doin some jobs
shovelin snow, breakin shit - doin some brojobs
by herr dokter February 10, 2009
when a guy gets a blow job from another dude.
dude! that wasn't a woman.... you totally just got a bro job!!! homo.
by chadsicle January 28, 2005