Asian male dressed up as a female that picks up drunkin guys walking home from the bar late at night in his black lexus, and gives them oral sex...Located in Bellingham Washington
8===D (0) Watch out or Brojob, might ask you if you need a ride! Sorry for the people that had to find out the hard way (P*l*n)
by Bham44 January 06, 2010
When a bro gets a blowie from someone with two X chromosomes.
I got a bro job from this chick, then made her make me a sandwich and then threw on my LAX pinny and longboarded home.
by A straight up Bro August 19, 2010
The act of one heterosexual male building up the confidence and self esteem of one of his male friends (bro) by telling him he is a great person. Coined by wealthy gadabout and Texas Gentleman Andrew Howard Feige.
My boys gave me a brojob when my girlfriend dumped me, telling me that I am so money and I can have any girl I want because I take care of business.
by Norman J. Dubowitz October 23, 2009
when a bunch of chads stand around in a circle masturbating and racing each other to ejaculating into a sock. last one to ejaculate in the sock will receive a slap in the face with the sock turned inside out. similar to the soggy waffle in a way.
John: hey man, brojob?
Alex: Naw man, i'm tired of getting slapped in the face with your baby juice.
by LOL street journal September 19, 2009
A sexual act performed during Bro Rape.
ex.1: "It flattens out the Bro Job..." -Blow Job Girl
ex.2: "Hey Chad, let's go up to my room and listen to Jack Johnson while we drink Nati Ice and give eachother Bro Jobs!" -Bro Rapist
by HillbillyMafia May 25, 2008
Like a bro-down, but a little different...
After they were pregaming for a little bit, Ramin gave Jeff a brojob on the ride out to the bars.
by kJaggy April 11, 2009
A favor done for and by a bro.
Can I give you a brojob? Do my laundry; kthxbai.
by ROFLC0P7ER April 29, 2009

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