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The act of one heterosexual male building up the confidence and self esteem of one of his male friends (bro) by telling him he is a great person. Coined by wealthy gadabout and Texas Gentleman Andrew Howard Feige.
My boys gave me a brojob when my girlfriend dumped me, telling me that I am so money and I can have any girl I want because I take care of business.
by Norman J. Dubowitz October 23, 2009
when a bunch of chads stand around in a circle masturbating and racing each other to ejaculating into a sock. last one to ejaculate in the sock will receive a slap in the face with the sock turned inside out. similar to the soggy waffle in a way.
John: hey man, brojob?
Alex: Naw man, i'm tired of getting slapped in the face with your baby juice.
by LOL street journal September 19, 2009
A sexual act performed during Bro Rape.
ex.1: "It flattens out the Bro Job..." -Blow Job Girl
ex.2: "Hey Chad, let's go up to my room and listen to Jack Johnson while we drink Nati Ice and give eachother Bro Jobs!" -Bro Rapist
by HillbillyMafia May 25, 2008
Like a bro-down, but a little different...
After they were pregaming for a little bit, Ramin gave Jeff a brojob on the ride out to the bars.
by kJaggy April 11, 2009
A favor done for and by a bro.
Can I give you a brojob? Do my laundry; kthxbai.
by ROFLC0P7ER April 29, 2009
The act of two guys taking the bromance joke too far coupled with excessive one-way physical contact of a non-sexual fashion. Usually when one man accomplishes something non-trivial by the collective definition of 'Dude, that was awesome!'.
"If you guys are done brojobbing each other, can we get down to business?"

Girlfriend A: What's the hell? It's just a video game.
Girlfriend B: Seriously. We're about to see a brojob money shot.
by Sold Out Activist May 11, 2009
Giving kudos to another dude for his accomplishments.
That guy was so awesome I had to give him a brojob.
by bjohnson503 May 31, 2008