A man on man blow job.
1. I didn't realize that Rauhy and Dash were gay, until I saw Dash giving Rauhy a browjob. He even swallowed!
Paul: Hey Scott, I'll give you 10 bucks for some sucky-sucky.
Scott: I'm not feasting on your delicious sperm for less than 25.
Paul: Fine. Just gimme the brojob already.
by Fried Donut May 01, 2006
When two "bros" (really close friends) give each other oral sex, similar to experimentation.
Im horney as fudge, give me a mo' fo' bro-job!!!
by Mike the great July 20, 2015
1. When a bro services another bro sexually either because they do not have girlfriends, or they are bored.
2. Engrish for blow job.
1. No chicks around...can I get a bro job?
2. You pay twenty five dorra fo bro job!
by Bringindowntheblouse May 08, 2015
Non-gay oral sex between bros. Usually after a few drinks and a lack of normal female attention. You should try it.
"Dude did you hear about that sweet bro-job that Justin gave to Zach?"

"Yeah it was like totally cool....I guess....fml".
by broseph15 August 16, 2011
A handjob/blowjob that you perform for your Bro, Bro
Hey Bro you want a Brojob, your dad said it was good
by AllNamesAreTakenSoSad June 15, 2016
Something you get when you can't blow yourself.
Person 1: Hey bro, can you give me a bro job? I can't reach it by myself.
Bro: Go fuck yourself.
by Mavis91765 April 22, 2016
Being able to maintain a job only on the basis of being "bestfriends", "buddies" or "bros" with your male supervisor(s) or superiors. Generally with that territory you are able to slack off or perform your job at lower standards than your colleagues while reaping all the benefits if a steady paycheck.
Mark: "Why did Chaz quit his job?"

Jimmy: "Oh the Chaz-meister?, I guess working in IT was too much work. Hes going back to his bro-job at Wendys"
by bro- job April 30, 2014
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