In order to be a brojob, one bro must be drinking a natty while watching some slampieces on the webernet.All the while, never making eye contact with his bro.

They must switch after the bro is done giving the brojob, to make it fair to the other bro. The second bro must do the same thing the first bro did (natty + slampieces)


~courtesy of e.r. smith~
*After a night of not getting lucky at all the bros go back to their dorm*
First bro: "Hey, so I heard about this thing called a brojob"
Second bro; "What?"
First bro: "Yeah, it's when one bro gives another bro a blowjob without it being gay"
Second bro: "Well,'re going first though"
by e.r. smith + bros October 28, 2010
The act of one fraternity brother performing oral sex on another. Perhaps done in exchange for money, favors, or admission into a fraternity.
Brad needed fifty bucks so he gave Jared a brojob whilst fingering his poophole.
by Phil Ip January 05, 2010
When getting a Blow job from your best friend (bro).
Dude, I got a Bro job from Johnny last night.
by MC Bengi May 22, 2013
A man on man blow job.
1. I didn't realize that Rauhy and Dash were gay, until I saw Dash giving Rauhy a browjob. He even swallowed!
Paul: Hey Scott, I'll give you 10 bucks for some sucky-sucky.
Scott: I'm not feasting on your delicious sperm for less than 25.
Paul: Fine. Just gimme the brojob already.
by Fried Donut May 01, 2006
Giving your bro a blow job for a blow job in return
Hey Cole can you give me a bro job.. My girl didn't suck me off today.
by Master Of Juice Taylor April 01, 2015
A pun of the word blowjob which is used among straight male friends and is intended as a joke. See also, Brorotic
Bill: Hey Steve, throw me a beer and I'll give you a brojob.
by yapguy June 26, 2014
Being able to maintain a job only on the basis of being "bestfriends", "buddies" or "bros" with your male supervisor(s) or superiors. Generally with that territory you are able to slack off or perform your job at lower standards than your colleagues while reaping all the benefits if a steady paycheck.
Mark: "Why did Chaz quit his job?"

Jimmy: "Oh the Chaz-meister?, I guess working in IT was too much work. Hes going back to his bro-job at Wendys"
by bro- job April 30, 2014

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