In order to be a brojob, one bro must be drinking a natty while watching some slampieces on the webernet.All the while, never making eye contact with his bro.

They must switch after the bro is done giving the brojob, to make it fair to the other bro. The second bro must do the same thing the first bro did (natty + slampieces)


~courtesy of e.r. smith~
*After a night of not getting lucky at all the bros go back to their dorm*
First bro: "Hey, so I heard about this thing called a brojob"
Second bro; "What?"
First bro: "Yeah, it's when one bro gives another bro a blowjob without it being gay"
Second bro: "Well,'re going first though"
by e.r. smith + bros October 28, 2010
A brojob is NOT gay. Its when some laxtitute gives a bro a blowjob. simple as that
I was at that open house when kayla took me to some room and gave me the best brojob ever.
by xl4xbr0x July 28, 2010
A pun of the word blowjob which is used among straight male friends and is intended as a joke. See also, Brorotic
Bill: Hey Steve, throw me a beer and I'll give you a brojob.
by yapguy June 26, 2014
When two bros lie side by side and receive blowjobs at the same time. Preferably when said bros are holding hands.
-Have you seen Alex and Zach?
- Last I saw, they were in a tent getting a brojob
by BrosForLife May 02, 2010
The act of one fraternity brother performing oral sex on another. Perhaps done in exchange for money, favors, or admission into a fraternity.
Brad needed fifty bucks so he gave Jared a brojob whilst fingering his poophole.
by Phil Ip January 05, 2010
When bromance goes just a little bit too far.
"Sorry about the bro job last night. Let's just not talk about it."
by Mr Gronk November 22, 2012
When two "bros" (really close friends) give each other oral sex, similar to experimentation.
Im horney as fudge, give me a mo' fo' bro-job!!!
by Mike the great July 20, 2015

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