Having your friend perform oral sex on you.
How about a brojob?
by ThePhonies June 06, 2010
A brojob is a blowjob given from heterosexual male to another close heterosexual male to show friendship and trust. It most certainly is not gay.
Hey man...thanks for that brojob the other night. Wanna play halo before my girlfriend gets here.
by Baphomet87 January 08, 2011
Doing a favor for a fellow bro. No gay conotation.
Wow thanks for helping me move into my new apartment it was a Bro Job.
by Super Soaker 96 August 08, 2013
A brojob is NOT gay. Its when some laxtitute gives a bro a blowjob. simple as that
I was at that open house when kayla took me to some room and gave me the best brojob ever.
by xl4xbr0x July 28, 2010
A non-homosexual gesture performed on a person of the same sex that is a friend as a favor.
A:Dude, my girlfriend isn't putting out. Would you mind giving me a bro job?
B:Yeah sure dude. It won't be gay right?
A:Hell no it isn't gay! Now get to work!
by MyNameIsntHenry February 21, 2013
When a bro or broski is the receiver of oral sex. the person(hopefully) that performs the oral sex is unimportant. if a male is the giver, than it is in a totally non-homosexual way
That bro's slampiece gave him a hot brojob and they showed it live on the internet.
by jackychan23456789 November 02, 2010
When two bros lie side by side and receive blowjobs at the same time. Preferably when said bros are holding hands.
-Have you seen Alex and Zach?
- Last I saw, they were in a tent getting a brojob
by BrosForLife May 02, 2010

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