When a bro gives a blow job to another bro when one or more of the bros is experiencing a dry spell. Usually the phrase "no homo" is said beforehand to assert heterosexuality.
Eric: "Yo, Josh, are you up for a bro job? I haven't been laid in weeks!"
Josh: "Yeah, definitely bro. No homo, though."
by jee213 October 25, 2010
The act of two males exchanging oral sex. The act can be done simultaneously or one at a time.
My bro and I went for brozilians and that led to a couple of awesome brojobs.
by Sailsquirrel February 15, 2009
giving a male friend a blowjob
ey, c`mon man. lend me ten bucks yo, ill give you a brojob?
by willie wiggle June 24, 2007
when one bro sucks off another bro.
two bros are broing out and one says to the other "hey man, ive got some epic wood" the other responds "bro job for bro job?"
by mrrandom2010 November 23, 2009
A close male friend, giving a blowjob to another friend, in an un-gay way.
James: Oh man, I've been so depressed since Jamie broke up with me.

Josh: You know what you need?

James: Whats that?

Josh: A brojob.

James: I agree.
by Biankawolf December 18, 2009
Simply a blow job amongst bros.
Chad and Trev celebrated their track victory by trading brojobs.
by square lime June 09, 2011
A man down on man blowjob. One on their knees the other getting his rod polished.
Dude, Brian had so much captain last night, I heard he gave Chris a mean Bro-Job.
by MeeesterFab September 21, 2008
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