a brother of yours mostly a male family member or someone close to you that does certain acts with the oppsite sex in a hoeish manner such as a male whore.
My brother iz such a bro hoe he getz wit to many girls!
by GIO619 December 27, 2007
(used on One Tree Hill S1)

The male term for 'slut' Basically another word for playa.
"I told her the sorry bro-hoe kicked my ass to the curb."
by Grrl August 08, 2006
bro hoes are lame. the end.
nataile so thinks she is a bro hoe cuz she is going out with that poser bro brandon and they're both lame
by Socal Thugg October 14, 2006
male whore
James is such a brohoe, hes gotten half the school knockedup
by suga April 20, 2004
Bro hoe is a girl who fucks bands, but doesn't give a shit about their music.
Dude 1: Man, did you see Christan all over that band? What a fucking bro hoe!
Dude 2: No kidding... she just wanted some ass to brag about.
by Elisa MC. August 07, 2006
A white girl who acts black and only finds black guys attractive.
Man katie is such a bro hoe. She'll only fuck big black dicks.
by K G Money April 16, 2006
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