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A guy who is a little to into another guy friend with out being gay
It's March Break and i've only been at my house once this week because i've been sleeping over at his house.

( He's such a bro-hoe)
by Busby Berkely March 27, 2009
a girl who hangs out with bros aka dirtbike riders
usually smoke weed and drink,like cheeta print,have half blond half black hair,say dude in every sentence,are NOT virgins,wear brands like SRH,SKIN,NO FEAR,SO.CAL,ECT.
brohoe 1:dude i was so fucked up yesterday.

regular kid: dude you are a poser
brohoe 1:no i swear we hit the bong too.
by Janese G. December 22, 2007
the ugly skank usually found hanging with or by the motocross "bros". she usually has two-tone hair and looks like an orange.
tries to hang with the crew but always gets screwed in the end.
girl one-"omg shes such a bro hoe"

girl two-"yeah but i wouldn't mind being his bro hoe"

by kelci_89 August 16, 2008
Michelle Wookey
Michelle is such a bro hoe.
by lovaaaabro August 28, 2008
a higher level of laxtitute. a girl who only associates herself with lacrosse playing bros. usually extremely attractive and wears preppy clothing. in addition she is a rare breed, only found on the east coast.
that girls a brohoe.
by mstuart8868 June 09, 2010
Girls who think they are so deadly chill'n with all the Boys...
But the only reason they have her around is because

when she gets drunk enough... she will give every

single one of them head.
" Check it... Danielle is drunk as shit and takin off her bra again... "

" Wow... what a Bro hoe. "
by triple69 April 10, 2010
a brother of yours mostly a male family member or someone close to you that does certain acts with the oppsite sex in a hoeish manner such as a male whore.
My brother iz such a bro hoe he getz wit to many girls!
by GIO619 December 27, 2007