A Bro that is involved in multiple bromances at once.
Bro 1: Dude! You can't be in bromance with me and Jimmy at the same time!!

Bro 2: Well... I guess I'm Just a Bro Hoe.
by 2L and clarck bear April 28, 2010
A bro hoe is basically a white girl whose style consists of mostly SRH, metal mulisha, Fox, no fear, 187 inc, skin, and tapout. they usually have blonde hair on top and brown or black on the bottom. they like to hangout with guys who also dirt bike. they LOVE lifted trucks and anything that has to do with off road or dirt bikes. some can be huge sluts and others can actually be sweet. they usually wear light make up and a ton of mascara and eye liner
Bro hoe: "did you see that bro over there? i love his lifted truck"
by dirtbiker2012 June 20, 2009
A female that gets around with bro's a lot. There's no such thing as a bro hoe who doesn't put out. Bro hoe's DON'T always do weed. They're usually dressed in name brand clothing apparell with their boobs half hanging out. They like a lot of reputation. They're really hot and don't care that the bro's they hook up with are dicks because the bro's are sexy, and that's all that counts. They have lots of "friends" that they're always talking shit on. They don't really care about music, they just grind to it, or act like they're into whatever the bro's are into. They're skanks! They're only good for blunpkins, handskis, beeg's, sex, and One Night Stands.
BROdy: "Wanna have sex?"
Jill: "yeah..."
BROdy: "Alright!"

Next day...
Chadsters: "did you get any pussy at that party last night bro?"
BROdy: "for sure man! In the back of my toyota tundra, with a three inch lift!"
Chadsters: "hell yeah, man! What a night to remember!"
BROdy: "kind of like our favorite band! A Day To Remember!
Random militant eavesdropper: "Wow, what fuckin pozurs! A Day To Remember probably hates Bro's!"
Random millie eavesdropper 2: "And how! And Jill!... Total BRO HOE!"
Random millie kid 1: "tell me about it, story of my life!
by 7837283857193 July 27, 2009
A bro hoe is a white girl who hangs out with "bro's" that think they dirtbike. They die their hair half blue, half black and think there hard. They Wear brands such as Skin, SoCal, No Fear, Fox, SRH and ex. They like to smoke weed, drink beer, be ignorant, oh and they DGAF (don't give a fuck.) because they think there hard asses. You can usually find these types of fake girls at the mall, in No Fear stores... or at a older guys houses that get some with a girls 4 years younger then them because they cant get girls there own age. also at parties, usually doing a keg stand or smoking a bong.Basically a bitch who thinks she's one of the guys because she rolls with his crew, but those guys only chill with her because she gives them head.
A bro hoe typically wears bandannas, she sells her horse for a shity dirtbike, drives lifted trucks, over do their mascara, have industrial piercings smoke and , drink to prove to the "bro's" that they're chill?
a bro hoe like jordan
by gnarlynigga June 21, 2009
girls who are spoiled out of their mind, but use all the money they get from their parents to spend on things that make them look like white trash. they think they are one of the guys, but the guys really only want to fuck them, or dont even like them, she just follows them around. tends to get extensions and dye their hair a lot, so much to the point where their hair ends up looking like shit, or fake. so in a nut shell, a bro hoe, is a spoiled, slut like girl, who thinks she's the shit and talks a grip of shit about girls, because they "DGAF"
oh hey k.b. your such a bro hoe.
by uhm, annonimous. November 27, 2006
A woman of romantic interest that you introduce to your close circle of bro's only to find that she compulsively hits on one or all of your friends, even though you have clearly stated your intentions toward her. In the worst of cases a Bro-Hoe may evolve into a Friend-Fucker.
"I introduced this girl I've been hooking up with to my bro's and by the end of the night I saw her holding hands with one of them."

"Weak dude, you've got yourself a Bro-Hoe. Instead of finding people for herself she latches onto someone with bro's and tries to play all of you."
by LordLargeInThePants November 14, 2011
A hoe who is cool enough to hang out with the guys and act like a bro.
John: Dude sarah is such a bitch! Mike: Wtf ive known her since preschool, shes is a total brohoe.
by LILG3232 January 31, 2011
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