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The day after Valentines Day, where you don't spend it with any women and just your bros.
You: Hey you wanna go up town today?
Bro: Fudge yeah, it's bro day!
by Anonymous3462475648713561 February 16, 2012
5 1
a day dicated to hanging out with you bro
Just a couple of pimps no hoes
yo lets have a bro-day tomorrow
by Craig _Hamilton May 14, 2011
2 2
Any day that your chillin with your bros, getting dome, pounding natties, and eating sandwhich's made by your slampiece.
Yo What are we doing today?
DUDE, its broday.

Ahh shit, i forgot. Lets go chill.
by jayda101 March 16, 2011
2 3