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A group of males (generally caucasian and heterosexual) with a written code of conduct and set jurisdictions over certain areas/activities. Each law passed by bro court is debated and put to a simple majority vote.

For example:
Each bro must divulge the intimate details of. every sexual conquest to every other bro in bro court

Bro court can also be used derogatorily to describe a group of males who are clearly desperate to get laid and getting too drunk to be picky.
Jon's in bro court and has jurisdiction over the weight room.

Bro court is like fight club for grad students.
by saiyuki2 April 22, 2011
A systematic conversation between bros about a serious matter, usually involving women, parties, or other members of the brocourt. The leader of this discussion, the judge, is the person who's house you are at. Incase you are in a public place, a judge should be decided amongst the bros. This is similar to a Brotalk but is considered to be more serious.
Peyton(designated judge of the brocourt)-"Brocourt!"

Mike -"Brocourt!"


Peyton- "Now what is on the agenda for todays brocourt?"
by brocourtjudge September 14, 2010
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