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a super annoying, triple-hippie-dipped stoner type. usually a surfer, snowboarder, or both. generally found west of the rockies, predominantly in colorado and california. easily identified and avoided by their unique brand of "bro speak".
snowboarder1: hey brocephus.. did you see that sick "3" i just stomped on that pow-pow?!

snowboarder2: nah bro brah, i was too busy carvin' freshies!
by iaremsejr August 02, 2010
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1- origins; south orange county, California.
usually describes a person in skateboarding, surfing and sometimes snowboarding, who, through industry connections receives free or hugely discounted gear and clothing.
most bro brah's were either sponsored, pro, or worked in the industry.
the term was originally coined by the "queba's" (east of I-5) who, unlike the bro brah's, pay full retail.
2- pro brah's are active "pro" "athlete's" who are generally, washed up, haggard, tired, over 40. almost totally male, still clinging on to the dream.
3- friends of both bro brah's and pro brah's, who through their connection, receive discounted or free product, are also bro brah, but usually just called bro's. (i.e. the bro deal)
"man, Riky is so stoked he's hooked up, he's a bro brah"!
"jesus! Jeff is still skating? that pro brah never quits"
"Ray knows all the bro brah's, they hook him up with bro deals"
by bro brah supreme June 17, 2009
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Originating from legends of a mysterious and lost soul who would moan, "Brooo Brahhh," whenever someone would back out of a commitment they made, brobrah is a term for backing out of a commitment.

brobrahing dates as far back as the stone age, where cavemen would make commitments to go hunting with their best cavemen buddies, but would back out at the last second and brobrah the rest of the group.

Today, brobrahing is still a severe issue, as people will commit to things on facebook or through text messages and brobrah later with either no excuse, or a very poor excuse.

Examples of Brobrahing
Mike: Yo, Jake, you coming over later?
Jake: Yea man! I'll see you at 6.

~~later at 5:30pm~~

Jake: Uhh, hey Mike, I can't make it, my uhh, dog is chasing its tail or something...
Mike: What the fuck Jake! Don't brobrah me!
John: Is Jake brobrahing you?
Mike: He's brobrahing me!
Jake: Sorry man..
John: Brooo Brahhh
by BROGI September 19, 2014
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Johnny,john,john john,poser retard
johnny is a bro brah
by bobabillo gostapo April 28, 2005
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