A guy who wears polo shirts, kahkies, sandles and have short haircuts. Usually high or drunk all of the time. They spend most of their time in parks playing ultimate frisbee with other bros or driving their bro-mobiles around the township. Other activities include drinking, smoking, snorting, bro-ing, bro-mobiling, getting the latest Abercrombie gear and once again bro-ing. Also prefered beverage is Matti Lites and playing poker with Maecrobs.
If I were a bro I would drive a bro mobile

Hey did you see those bros we just passed, they were wearing sandles

Jordan: Were those Keezys or bros?
Rob: Maybe Maecrobs, but I think bros cause they had Matti Lites sandles and frisbees
Maecrob: Chyeah, I saw boff
#bros #frisbee #matti lites #sandles #polos #drugs #maecrob #keezy
by Jordan_Cowen September 08, 2008
Some dumb mommies boy that drives around in his daddy bought lifted truck. Acting like his dick is as big as his truck but in reality, they only date 18 year old girls that don't know any better because they've only seen a totally of 1 dick in their life and it was their dads. May every bro drive off a cliff. Don't worry you wont die, you have a super duty ford or chevy on a 19" lift.
look at the fag.... i mean bro.
#bro hoes #stellas #super lift #glamis #moto x
by antibro May 09, 2008
I know that some of those socal dudes call themselves bro's like they are in some sort of gang or something but up here in the Bay, bro means someone that you feel close too, ie. your friends would be called your bros, bro can also be used instead of dude.

To the Socal "bros" Im from pittsburg and antioch and alot of us use bro, but we dont care for kotton mouth kings, dirt bikes, lifted trucks, or other deuchey socal bull shit, all those fancy clothes make you guys look prissy Take that shit back to huntington beach you dick riding faggots.
Hey bro thanks for the smoke,

What's up bro, lets score some bomb.
#bro #dude #homeboy #blood #cuz #man #mayne
by A fucking Bay area beast September 08, 2009
a person who has a very easy-going personality; chill; prefered style of a bro is business athletic (i.e. - gym shorts and a polo)
Hey, do you know Sam?
Yeah. He is the bro in the green shorts.
#chill #relaxed #easy-going #human #athletic
by smartblonde10 November 06, 2007
A bro can be easily spotted, wearing wife beaters, no shirt, or brands such as Skin, SRH, Metal Mulisha, Famous Stars and Straps, Hostility, etc. Also they wear dickies, long socks, hats to the side and bill straight, also SPY sunglasses all the time, plug gauges and bandanas in the back pocket. Bros party all they time, get high enough to make parties better, drive their lifted trucks, go riding dirtbikes and/or quads. Bros listen to just about any kind of music, KMK, Kingspade, Tech N9ne, Blink 182, Papa Roach, just about any kind of rock, rap and even sometimes country. Bros are looked down upon by society because they know how to have fun and are optimistic about life. Not all bros are racist like believed to be, and they don't beat the girlfriends, like dumb asses think. Bros are extremely close to friends, almost as though they are brothers, you do not mess with one bro without getting his friends involved. Bros also refer to eachother as "Bro" because of the fact they are close just like brothers are. Bro-Hoes are the girl equivalent to the Bro. Bros are basically a group of people from Southern California or Arizona who like to have fun and don't care what people think.
1) I say this because I am a bro and just about everyone who wrote these other texts do not know what they are talking about, not everyone bro is stupid and racist...shows how ignorant you are, HAHA

2) "Whats goin down tonight bro?"
#bro-hoe #parties #weed #kmk #so cal
by M-NEU October 03, 2007
a mixed breed of skaters and gansta's that aren't musically talented or have any skating ability which has resulted in them taking up gay "sports" such as bmx and motocross.

they are usually found wearing shorts with long socks and flatbilled caps with faggot glasses and oversized shirts with brands such as metal mulisha, no fear, fox, famous stars and straps, and skin , usually found bald or with crew cuts with an underage girl at their side for them to fuck later.

all in all they are spoiled fucking white trash peices of untamed crusty ass peckerwoods.
bro#1: hey i got some cool bmx magazines we can go jack off too
bro#2: sweet man i can test out my new metal mulisha anal beads
#bro #faggots #gay #white #mampy pamby spoonfed fuckin fruitcakes
by Cum Quat August 25, 2007
Pronunciation: \`brohhhhhhh\
Function: adjective, verb, pronoun, noun
Date/Etymology: 3rd Century Lebanon

1. Anyone the articulator is not related to
2. Unknown males, with a group of attractive females, the articulator wishes to ingratiate himself with, in the hope of getting closer to said girls
<eg hey bro, thats my brother on the left, he's hectic cuz>

for more Aus-Lebanese slang:
<eg hey bro, thats my brother on the left, he's hectic cuz>
#bro #hectic #cuz #lebanese #australian #arab
by bro666 July 15, 2008
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