Usually a cocky douche bag who wears polo shirts (especially popped-collar), and likes to walk around with a starbucks iced cappachino while wearing a Northface jacket. The person is a preppy bitch who thinks they're hot shit because they're rich spoiled little assbags. Commonly, bros are whipped bitches who buy girls shit in the hopes that this will get them some, but the girls are only using him for his free shit.
Jake: Look at that kid over there. What a bro. Lets kick his ass.
Matt: Ya, that kids a douchebag.
by Joey Rockwell May 24, 2008
a rich white suburbanite who enjoys lacrosse, dave matthews band, hootie and the blowfish, phish, and jack johnson. Often seen wearing brightly colored or garishly patterned shorts, a pre-frayed white hat, or the hat of a major league baseball team to which they have no fan affiliation. Commonly found on the campuses of pennsylvania, upstate new york, and virginia/carolina colleges.
Me and Chad are gonna pound a fifth of Jack and bro out to some Jack Johnson, you in? No bro, I'm worn out from my shift at American Eagle, fraying those brims is hard work.
by Johnbrochill April 06, 2008
A "bro" is an 18- to 24-year-old male who wears Birkenstock sandals, watches Family Guy, plays ultimate frisbee, and wears an upside-down visor, or a baseball cap with pre-frayed brim. You know, a "bro".
For every suburban house party, four bros will be raped, and only one in seven bros will tell their boys what happened the next day.
by Mirandanda May 07, 2007
The verb from of the commonly used noun bro. Means to borrow or to give and take freely, as one bro would from another.
bro1:"Yo, dude can I bro a dollar?"
bro2:"Ye, bro!"
by sebastian crucial December 12, 2006
term describing best friend, cobber, homeboy etc etc
hey bro....lets go score s 50 bag
by Brother_Number_One July 05, 2003
A bro is typically wears button up shirts and kahki cargo shorts and sunglasses, on more casual days they may wear a polo or a shirt with their favorite team name on it. They usually get a buzz cut and flaunt it. They play frisbee and love parties and bbqs. When you see a bro he will shoot the guns at you and most likely say something along the lines as "sup". All bros can talk about is sports and they really enjoy gay jokes, they think its funny or impresses girls, but they end up looking dumb. Bros have more than 20 profile photos on facebook, enough said.
"Hey bro did you check out that pic i added to my facebook?"

"Yeah man your haircut is gnarly, and im lovin the shades"

"Lol thanks brah wanna go to this party tonight? I heard there will be frisbee!

"Totally dude, just let me grab my socks and sandals"
by 4tehlulzzz August 02, 2009
Music Influenced Bro:
Short Hair, sometimes a rat tail is incorporated
Tight pants, or baggy cargo shorts, with a carabiner on the back belt loop
Most claim to be Straight Edge, and Vegan, but they usually are just liars
Inventors of HxC dancing
Listen to Grind, Thrash, Metal, etc.
Use the term Brutal, but spell it BROOTAL
Too scared to mosh with the punks
Often grab eachother in a homosexual fashion
Don't understand that the straight edge scene was created in the late 70's early 80's by hardcore PUNK bands, they think it was created by HARDCORE bands, quite a large difference.

A Bro Conversation:

Chad: Hey bro! I just got Animosity's new cd! It's effin BROOTAL! Wanna open all the doors and blast it while hardcore dancing?

Bro#2: YEAH BRO! Animals are for petting!

by broLUBZ April 18, 2009

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