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Very easy to spot in their natural habitats. Usually white males, age 16-23. Without exception they ALWAYS wear dickies shorts (usually beige), calf-high black socks, black shirts (always containing skulls/stars/or both), they are always overweight (but their perception is that they are buff, not fat), must have a ridiculously large truck (nothing less than a F-250, tacomas don't cut it here), large embarassing stickers on their back windows are a must, also necessary are lame black sunglasses. Also can be spotted by their opposite gender equivalents, which are bro-hos.

You can easily spot a bro if you see the following brands on them or their lame truck: Famous Stars and Straps, Metal Mulisha, Fox Racing, Glamis and sometimes Von Zipper.

Bros are harmless when alone, however packs of them should be avoided due to their obvious weight advantage over you due to their obesity levels.
Question: What kind of fucktard would take up 3 parking spots by parking diagonally with half of his raised F-550 on the curb?

Answer: The only category of lame white people more embarrassing to the rest of caucasians than white trash: BROS.
by xX*RaceTheDream*Xx August 27, 2008
In short, white trash. The song, "I'm a Bro" by Greenbrier Lane describes them the best. They wear Famous shirts, black socks, have sideburns, lift their trucks, rev their dirt bikes even though they're slow, beat their wives and sleep with other chicks. You want a better idea, just go to the dunes, and look for any random asshole who's starting shit for no reason, or just get the song I'm a Bro.
I fuck other chicks and i beat my wife cause im a bro
by Brian21122112 March 28, 2008
a Bro or flatbiller is usually a guy between the age of 18 and 30 who devotes their life and lifestyle to Motocross and/or skating. Typically wears black shirts and hats, ie. Fox Racing, Skin, Metal Mulisha, Alpinestars, No Fear, and Famous. They Listen to mostly hessian rock, Metallica, Slayer, NOFX, some old punk and new popular rap. Drive either a Jacked up Truck, usually a chevy, or ford. new and old alike, with huge tires mud and street tires. some even drive lowriders or an old "rat rod". Rides bikes with their other bro's. drinks beer, smokes pot, and always get in fights with their girlfriends. Are complimented with badass tattoos, and use the word badass alot. there are good and bad in the like. as well as every class.
Yo whats up Bro! thats a badass truck dog, lets go get the bikes and pickup some squares and beer and go cruise the strip.
by CR250rMX November 22, 2007
a homie, a good friend
Wassup bro, Did you see that new movie yet?
by Hondodo November 17, 2007
A common term used to describe a bodybuilder or other similar athletic enthusiast, analogous to "meathead" and similar terminology, most often used on Internet forums and communities.

In this usage, bro can often be combined with other words to create more descriptive phrases.
SuperMass4Lyfe is a good bro, he's got like 10,000 posts bro

u can use high reps to tone ur guns n bring out the cuts - Example of bro-science

ur a fagot, u cant argue w BroMasterChill hes a mod -
Example of bro-telligence
by TomTehGimp July 20, 2007
Okay. For all these bro bashers on her who think that we are all loud, ignorant, rowdy people. I myself am a former bro. Not all bro are white trash. I am a bro and I also happen to be black. I understand yes we drive large lifted trucks but who cares. Yes we wear brands like skin, metal mulisha, fox etc. Yes bros love to party. But their not all douche bags and rednecks. Bros are just people who like to live their own life style. We like being different.

Bros are just care free party goin people. Not all bros like to fight but if u piss us of enough u better expect to get ef'd uhp. We usualy don't pick fights we end them. we do like to groom ourself but that doesn't mean were metro or homo we just like to look good. And not all of us are spoiled sons of rich parent. I myself work for my toys (dirtbike, quads. Sandrails etc.). Bros are jus people who love big extreme things....so ther it is that's what a REAL bro is...just thought id set the record straight
Kid1: dude check out that new bro kid
Kid2: yeh his trucks super sick
Kid 1: plus he's black so that makes him even better
by [dGAf]{7br02} November 29, 2009
a term used by stonner surfers to refer to their friends or a way to greet someone..not by rednecks with lifted trucks. and a "lift job" does not mess up your gears only your camber and caster.
yo bro that was a sick swell!!
by josh kosack June 14, 2007