friends that are not necessarily related but are really good friends. also used when playing Super Smash Bros. can be used in many ways.
Hey bro, lets bro it up this weekend and play Super Smash Bros.
by Bro-hammad April 28, 2008
A white male usually from a middle class Neighborhood. Usually bro's will consider them selves to be racist but at the same time claim to be gangsters buy drugs from non white people and also over obsess about rap music. The bro species does not work and contributes nothing to society because they have an iq less then someone with down syndrom. All of them worship freestyle motocross riders but none of them actually ride. While freestyle motocross riders are glad to have these die hard companions people who race dirtbikes on a track resent there very presence. Do not mistake a bro for a person who actually races motocross these 2 people are on a completely different level. Bro's can also be described as a virus. Finally every bro who owns a car can be found driving a lifted above legality truck.
The bro skipped school today to drive with his friends out to watch the x games and smoke alot of weed.
by honda181 March 13, 2008
a bro is a sweet surfer brah. if hes not playin lax, or surfin, hes sittin in his hammock, playing some jack johnson songs. Bro's always drive Jeep Wranglers with the surfboard out the window. They wear Reef Sandals, boardshorts, oakley sunglasses, and a Camp STAFF shirt. They are also always seen twirling their lanyard or whistle. Bros are most commonly lifeguards that where ricepicker hats and play lax on the beach.
Keannu just surfed a killer swell with a lax stick in his hand. What a Bro.
by K-Brah January 10, 2008
1. A true comrade, a close male friend who is like family.
2. A term to address others when wanting to express a sense of solidarity.
"dude, he's a bro like no other."

see also: brougham, broham, bromance, dude, brah
by pedro calhoun February 03, 2004
bro as in a close friend or very close friend
wass up bro!
by suckit October 08, 2003
The classic video game, called Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. It could also be put under the category of "One of the Best Video Games Ever". When you play Bros, you put your top-noch game face on and seek to completely fuck everyone a new butthole to become the victor and earn bragging rights. When a group of dudes get together to play some Bros, it can get pretty intense and there tends to be a lot of cussing. Another thing about Bros, nobody likes a salty motherfucker.
"Dude, you wanna play some Bros??"

"Hell yeah! But I got class in like 15 minutes."

"Fuck it!"

"Hahaha, alright. Let's do this."
by Spoog March 27, 2012
A douchebag who compensates for their insecurities. Usually they say they "have" or actually do "have," a lifted truck, skins, ed hardy, hollister, american eagle, or tapout apparel, shitty rap rock music i.e. kottonmouth kings, hollywood undead, disturbed etc...shitty beer like keystoned light, beer pong parties, supposed motocross or other "extreme" sports affiliation, more clothes than a woman, stupid tattoos that consist of name brands of variety or cliche tribal tattoos, a fauxhawk, shaved, or spiked hair, sometimes diamond ear rings, etc... they and gweedos are pretty much the same thing which = douchebags. They also, majority of the time hook up with easy, usually fat and/or trashy girls who are just looking for someone to show them affection. unfortunately, being a "bro" is another retarded trend that has plagued the earth, just like the whole "scene" and "emo" trend did.
"hey bro are we playing beer pong tonight? I might be a little late because i'm shining my dirt bike helmet and my ed hardy shirt needs to be washed. you should totally see the new mud flaps I got on my truck bro!"

"Even though that bro has a decent "girlfriend" somehow, he would rather hang out with all of his other "bro" friends and watch dirtbike videos or do some other douchebag nonsense, instead of hanging out with his girlfriend. He is a big ol' gay since he likes surrounding himself with a bunch of dudes all of the time, and not his girlfriend.
by PECKER GOBLIN January 15, 2010

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