A totally awesome girl.
-chills with alot of guys
-easy to be around
-not a bitch
-enjoys any outgoing and adventerous activities
-not super girlie but not butch either
That girl halley shes such a bro.
by loverofthepancakes November 14, 2010
bro i word used by a frat boy that goe's hard. like to drink beer all day called bro vitumens. which gives the bro life. us bros love waering prepe cloths. which make us bro. we use some words like bro mo brodrozer brocaco bromacoa brohoe brodo drobong brohong brocreams brohaven brodkdk brogoop brofolf and there is many more bro is just the way to go. and when a bro picks up the phone a simple ansir is brooooooooooooooo.
by ragsss June 22, 2010
young white male. common at highschool and college parties even after they graduate. never really doing anythign with their lives. never moving up in the world. offten turn out to be homsexuals
"Man Josh Redlich is a bro!"
"hes always partying with young underage girls hopeign to get lucky!"
by Mike tisdale January 13, 2010
a bro is a guy who parties, smokes weed, drinks, and loves to have sex. we also like to wear brands like skin,S.R.H,hostility,so-cal,metal mulisha,and more. We also like lifted trucks usually black on black or white on black. dont get us confused with skinheads they are the racist ones we arent! We like to wear hats and long black socks & bandanas.
Bro's are proud of what they do & stand for.
by bro_4_life January 08, 2010
okay well in my opinion being a bro is not just the clothes they wear and the trucks you drive. It's like who you are. I'm not going to hate on them and I'm not going to root for them either. Allot of them do drive lifted trucks, wear SRH, SoCal, Fox, and so on. kmk is pretty popular with lots of them, and Eminem is as well. however I don't think that just because you listen to eminem means you are bro/bor hoe. I love eminem and I'm not a brohoe. Some are assholes and some are nice. I wouldn't date a bro though because many are 2 faced they say they love you to your face and then go to there "home boys" and just say "yea I'm just using this bitch to get some pussy." but I may be wrong. I've been with some really nice ones and they have treated me great. Bro's love going to the desert, going to parties, getting cross faded and yes sex haha. they aren't horrible people. but some are assholes. I'm not a bro hoe but I have many bro friends, it kind of the group I grew up in I guess. Most bro's care would do anything for there family's even if the front like they don't give a shit. They would do anything for there little sister/brother. know for the term "don't fuck with my family."

Brohoes on the other hand are just gross, I would not be proud to be called that. a bro hoe doen't just mean that you hang out with a bunch of bros. it means you a dirty slut who half you county has slept with. Bro's don't usually date bro hoe's really. Its a know fact that they are dirty and gross so who would want that. bro hoes are just for the bootie calls and the "fast fucks" they don't really mean anything to them, its just like some object.

bottom line is that bro's are people, and you can't judge the whole group by just a few people you have met.
"hey bro, i heard you and christina hooked up last night!"

"yea man but it don't mean shit I just wanted some head!"

"yea I know what you mean she's dirty anyways, just don't tell her I said that haha!"
by danielle897 September 06, 2009
a bro is and idiot who thinks he's damn cool, acting drunk in parties and have messy hair on purpose; messy beard too!
waz up bro, wana' party?
by blackrain87 June 22, 2009
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