A Bro is the common douche bag frat guy. He's at all the parties wearing Abercrombie & Fitch one night with extremely gelled hair, and the next night he's decked out in Famous Stars and Straps and a gangsta hat that he picked up at Pac Sun. And oh boy, he thinks he looks good. They are commonly seen walking into parties calling each other "bro" and "brosef." They actually like that, and they especially love getting bro-fives. The terrible tribal tattoo around his arm or across his back will be seen at some point during the night, probably when he gets "too hot" but really wants everyone to see his "nice abs."
Yo Bro, let's go check out that new 08 Byerly
by laurenam June 10, 2008
Basically anyone who wears a DC brand hat, doesnt take that stupid fucking gold sticker off the bottom of their hats bill, and wears that same hat off center and retarded like. If you've ever seen someone with that gold sticker on their hat, and they weren't black, then yes, you have met a bro. I'm sorry too.

All the other posts on here are right, wearing the SRH and Famous SAS, listening to KMK, going to "The River", which it is always refered to as if that was the actual name and it was the only river in existance. Yada Yada.

Bros always talk about making it big through some master plan they have worked out through their friends' stepfathers "extreme sports" shop that is actually going out of business.
Bro 1: Bro I just bought this sick DC hat at Parkway!
Bro 2: Bro thats a sick hat, but you're wearing it gay! You gotta put that sticker back on and turn it side ways then breath through your mouth!
Bro 1: Oh no shit bro I forgot about the gold sticker. I also got the new KMK cd so we can bust it out at The River when we tear up those Nor Cal fags with my friends stepfathers new dirtbike which I plan on crashing!
Bro 2: YEAH BRO!
Bro 1: YE-AH BRO!
by Borderbrother January 28, 2008
synonym for bitch or loser
Look at that bro/bitch.
by Wild Fish July 21, 2007
The verb from of the commonly used noun bro. Means to borrow or to give and take freely, as one bro would from another.
bro1:"Yo, dude can I bro a dollar?"
bro2:"Ye, bro!"
by sebastian crucial December 12, 2006
A bro is a white male who downs 40's, smokes fat stogies, etc. They worship companies like: West Coat Choppers, Nor*Cal, Metal Mulisha, and other gay companies. They think Bam is cool, they listen to CKY, they love H.I.M, and gay shit like that. THey drive piece of shit pick-up trucks, lifted to the extreme. They give high-5's. To top it off, they put ugly-ass stickers on the back window of their trucks. Usually and Iron-Cross. FAGGOTS.
Look at that bro driving that heap!
by 50lolzzzzzzz September 19, 2005
hot lax player. constantly says the word "chill". talks about f-ing girls and getting "dome" aka "head". almost on a daily base wears a lax pinney. believes they can get any girl. has "flow" aka long hair. wears long socks with sneakers or adidas flip flops. only drinks natty for alcohol.
yo bro, i know. he is so chill
by brolover1234 February 15, 2011
Douchebag;Man-Whore;Conseaded ass;Tool
Usually dress preppy and act as if they own everything and hang out with the rich girls, usually blond.
Becky- Ew
Janet- What?
Becky- That bro just kissed his broski
Janet- I knew they had a bromance!
by cheesehead14 February 06, 2011

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