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close friend, mate...
yeah bro, whas up?
by MizTui April 28, 2003
the deep connection between to males with different mothers where the participate in eachothers crazy idea and have one hell of a time doing so. The top bro can also gain wingman status.
Bro 1: Bro wanna go skydiving?

Bro 2: Sure bro sounds legit!
by animal88 November 30, 2011
a friend (usually male) that is always really calm and relaxed. someone that always knows what to do in a sticky situation. a person that is liked by all.
you can get a ride from my bro, he's cool with it.
by wheelzie November 03, 2011
slang:Bro. named by thyself, when one(bro) thinks they are cool when the person really is a twat with no real friends other than their girlfriend
i knew this bro once who stopped hanging with his mates to be whipped by his girlfriend instead. he thought it was sweet but thats a bro for you
by johnny ST hopkins October 13, 2011
A term most commonly used in New Jersey which refers to one's friend, penis, or friend's penis.
-You have a nice house!
-Thanks, come inside so you can meet my bro.

-Bro, dude, Stop. Bro...stop! Bro! BRO! Awwwwww...dammit bro!
by tastydelicious June 20, 2011
college aged alpha male, former sports player, who loves getting fucked up, getting with girls and showing off by acting like assholes with their fellow bros.

theyre the life of the party or at least wish to be. every picture they put up on facebook is of them partying (smoking or drinking with their bros and bro hoes) with red solo cups. they see girls as objects and one night stands. the excepetion to this are the girls they hang out with- the bro hoes- who they only party with cause they know they can get ass from them.

they can usually be seen wearing surf/skate like volcom, college athletic gear, expensive tshirts or polos, or jerseys/hats/shirts of their favorite sports teams.

theyre competitive. they also have the best weed, throw and attend the sickest parties, and conveniently have limitless supply of alcohol or drugs, which they purchase from their daddys bank account.

bros follow the bro code- the most commonly known is "BROS BEFORE HOES".
i went to a party and theyre were so many bros. theyre so wild.

girl 1- look at that guy, hes so hot
girl 2- yeah, but, he's such a bro
by lukewarm34 April 15, 2011
A chill ass mother fucker who gets dome all day, plays COD, has his bitch make sandwiches, plays lax, shotguns Natty, and lights up a doobie everyday.
That bro's life is so fuckin chill. I wish i was as chill as him.
by Broseidon12 March 09, 2011