Fags, that have no othere means in life, besides sluts, parties, moorcycles, and lifted gay trucks. They usually live in the Riverside, San bernadino, and Temecula areas. They have nothing to do so they fuck ugly girls and are hated by society.
Hey dude check out the faggot bro over there riding his dirt bike and tat'in his beer belly.

reply: yeah man, what a little bitch.
by theripper1919 July 20, 2006
Usually a white male that wear skin, no fear etc.. tatoos and lifted trucks. They listen to rock/rap and alot of the times they are racist which is pretty stupid since they listen to rap. Oh ya and they think they're gangster for some stupid ass reason when in reality they are rich spoiled kids.
(Dr.Dre music in the background) "Ya bro, i went to the desert this weekend and i saw some fuckin ni**er there and as i was driving by i threw a beer bottle at him ya that shit was gansta bro!"
by sandiego March 06, 2006
A word that if you are from Long Island you use almost as much as the word "the". It is interchangable for almost any word and used constantly.
Bro. let's go pick up those chicks bro.
Bro, you're black... that sucks bro.
by Labes October 12, 2005
Stupid white trash guys in the 909 with lifted trucks, wife beaters, shitty music (usually the most popular rap, hardcore, and nowadays emo) ugly girlfriends, ugly hair, mouths constantly open, retarded as all get up, have no common sense, think its cool to park half on the curb half off, put Flowmaster exhausts on Nissan Hardbodies and Toyota longbeds, don't realize that a huge lift job and giant tires fucks up your gears, which in turn equals less power. Fags.
I saw some OC bitches and some bros fighting last night. I was hoping they'd kill each other off, but I had to do it for them.
by John December 03, 2003
one who wears wife beaters, listens to rap rock music, engages in smoking dank nugz and obsessive drinking to look tough, usually jocks who eat red meat, hit people to act the toughest, beat their girl friends, have the biggest most tough looking lifted truck, usually spoiled and ignorant.

clothing appearl conisists of:
excessively tight famous stars and straps shirts or body armour from football, loose sagging cargo shorts, trendy jack purcells, sunglasses regardless if it is day or night, a hat that is off centered
The BROS left football practice and started hitting people in their massive F350 trucks.
by eatmyshitbros October 14, 2003
close friend, mate...
yeah bro, whas up?
by MizTui April 28, 2003
the deep connection between to males with different mothers where the participate in eachothers crazy idea and have one hell of a time doing so. The top bro can also gain wingman status.
Bro 1: Bro wanna go skydiving?

Bro 2: Sure bro sounds legit!
by animal88 November 30, 2011

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