Guys who are usually chill, like to kick back with a brew in one hand and acoustic guitar in the other. They listen to acoustic music like jack johnson, OAR, Selected sublime songs and pepper. They commonly wear fitted caps, baggy ass cargo/ plaid shorts, lacrosse shirts and high black or white socks.
yo, kyle sexton is such a bro
by treybro April 28, 2009
what is a bro?
A bro is a 18-24 year old male who wears birenstock sandels watches family guy plays ultimate frisbee wears an upside down visor or a baseball cap with a prefreyed brim. you no a BRO. Some common phrases are chill hey bro you we're chillen wanna get some beer and chill, bro-out.
objects of bros big black dildos game cube and harold and kumar go to white castle dane cook cd and axe.
hey bro what should i wear today. Bro you should wear a collared shirt an upside down visor and sandels. Yah bro thats what i usually wear.
by emmure09 March 02, 2009
ass holes who have over sized trucks typically compensating for what they are lacking in the man dept. (if ya know what i mean)
bro-hoe 1: look at that guy in the big truck! i want to do him!

bro-hoe 2: dont bother i fucked him last night and lets just say he is hung like a tuna can
by kjnqeirbq November 10, 2008
bros are preppy dicks who normally have their last name tattooed somewhere on their body . wearing mostly abercrombie hollister,ae or aero with a backwards baseball cap. work out 6 days a week. are obsessed with beerpong and drink keystone and natty ice. they also like to play stupid xbox and guitar hero constantly.if not that then watching football or ufc. bros also like tanning beds.and listening to tech n9ne and over play it way too much, that or lil wayne. are often found with hoes. bros are all fags that are waiting to come out.
example :
chris bro:hey bro wanna chill bro.

nick bro: ya bro we should go buy a 30 pack of keystone and then play beerpong for a couple hours bro.

chris bro: ya then go fuck some hoes bro.

nick bro: yea then eachother bro!

by brttny September 11, 2008
Male, wearing dickies, dirtbike brands usually sold at NoFear stores, Is close with their other friends they call bros,
Mostly everyones is incorrect I know this because i am a bro. We dont beat our girlfriends. We aren't racists. At least the ones I know aren't. So do not caterogize us from 1 or 2 people you see.
by SRHBRO April 17, 2007
A Big Ruthless Outlaw Usally White in the 909 or 951 in the Inland impire california,usally wheres long black socks, a black shirt with the brands(Srh,Skin,Mobinc.,187 inc.etc) Roll in big gangs and smoke a lot of weed(Ryker)
Bro B=Big R=Ruthless O=outlaw
by 909Sean-o909 March 07, 2007
Fags, that have no othere means in life, besides sluts, parties, moorcycles, and lifted gay trucks. They usually live in the Riverside, San bernadino, and Temecula areas. They have nothing to do so they fuck ugly girls and are hated by society.
Hey dude check out the faggot bro over there riding his dirt bike and tat'in his beer belly.

reply: yeah man, what a little bitch.
by theripper1919 July 20, 2006

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