A white male who lives in San Jose,CA who rides dirt-bikes, wears new-era hats backwards,and drives a big white lifted Chevy pick-up truck with racing stripes going down the middle. Also wears flip-flops everywhere, even if it is raining.
Bro a.k.a Trevor Inshaw
by sjsurferdev May 10, 2010
Aggressive jerks found in the San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino County and Orange County areas. Bros are usually white or white-latino idiots ages 14 to 25 that will typically wear oversized plain white, black or gray clothing. They smoke weed, cigarettes, drink excessively and party everyday with their hot slutty girlfriends known as brohoes. Bros will act like stupid territorial pit bulls, which is their dog of choice, since they feel a need to be dominant and animal-like. They will also fight over tiny problems. Most of them suck at fighting too, but if you were to fight one, they would probably gang up on you or pull out a shank. Bros will overuse the words dawg, homie, and fool because they think they have to act gangsta. Bros drive jacked up pick-up trucks fast and reckless. They also participate in sports such as skateboarding, bmx biking, dirt biking, wakeboarding and snowboarding, but should not claim them. They can afford all these accessories since they mooch money off of their negligent parents who are usually pretty rich. They will live off their parents for the rest of their short lives (they will probably die of alcohol poisoning or liver sclerosis in their 30s), unless they get little paying jobs that their parents help them get. Bros are among the stupidest people alive.
Bro talking to other bro- Yo wuz up dawwg?? My and my homies are kickin it tonite. Hey fool, you should kick it with us dawg. We are gonna get so f**ked up.

Normal kid is watching.

Bro talking to normal kid- WHach you doin fool?? What the f**k is wrong with you dawg??? Yu'z f**kin wack dawg. YOU better watch urself or I'll beat ur ass fool.
by displayname111 April 25, 2010
also known as a "gym class douche". A typical expensive-brand-wearing male, usually between the ages of 16-28. Loves to drink, play frolf and videogames, and chase bimbos. In high school, many of these creatures only emerge during gym class, hiding themselves from the world during the other 7 periods of the day. In their college years, bros tend to flock to State Universities, and gather in groups known as "fraternities." Light pink shirts, recognition by last name only, popped collars, ignorant blind obsession with Dashboard Confessional, Jack Johnson, The Fray (etc.), excessive amounts of hair gel and thirty-dollar acoustic guitars are also common signs indicative of this species. The California variant of a "Bro" is sometimes referred to as a "Brah"
Dude, Pat is such a Bro. All he does is get drunk, chill, and listen to Jack Johnson.
by Meg Dolan December 06, 2008
Guys who usually wear all abercrombie and hollister clothes. Whenever they take pictures they point at something stupid. Always have their collars popped. Always talks about beer and getting laid. They look the same. secretly they are all gay.
Omg I'm such a bro.
by Kristin Kickass. July 24, 2008
Most commonly Caucasian males who wear Famous, So-cal, Srh, Skin, etc., Dickies shorts, and shin-high socks. Basically losers with no sense of music or style. Most have quads or some other type of dirt bike and go to the desert almost every weekend, and girlfriends commonly referred to as "bro hoes". Usually from southern California, most commonly east county.
The things that come out of bro's mouths are mostly racial slurs, homophobic, or just fucking annoying.
by sydney carolyn April 25, 2008
A friend (typically male) you love as a brother.
Kevin and Jeff always remembered each other's birthday's because they were bros.
by Canadian Totoro April 16, 2015
Nick Spike is the definition of Bro. The dude lifts. He is a living, breathing, incarnation of the concept of Bro. Muscle ups? Human flagpole? No problem- Spike can do it. He trains legions of bros in training in the weight room 3 days a week. They all aspire to be as huge as he is.
Bro we gotta lift bro
by huge lifter dude December 27, 2014

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