The bro, despite many misconceptions, is an intricate individual. The bro generally resides in a college environment. There are many species of Bros. because they are not currently endangered and their number are actually on the rise as of late. Many male bros try to be part of the species but some are not acknowledged. With that said, some very select women can achieve honorary "bro status" for being "cool as fuck" and for doing other awesome thing. The bro species is often reflected in a negative light, however the people that magnify this are bro haters. Bro haters are people who are jealous of achievement and fun that bros have in their habitat. Bros feed on energy from things such as parties and energy that other bros provide for each other. While bros can be found in many places, (both northern and southern hemispheres) they strive for environments such as parties, some (legit) frats, places with beautiful women and successful environments in general. Bros can not be categorized into a specific race, but guidos are not bros, although they strive to feel like they belong. Bro haters make bros sound dumb however, they are not. They cover vast intellects and are generally people balance well between work and play, often better than others, which is why there are so many bro haters. If you come across a bro in his habitat, DO NOT PANIC bros only react to negative energy.
Did you meet Jake at the event yesterday?" "Yeah, he has the potential to be a legit bro.
by bromicron prime February 17, 2011
Bros are dudes that enjoy drinking natty with their shirts off, playing COD, getting dome by their slam pieces, right after the chicks make them a sandwhich.
they also use the word "Chill" alot.

favorite number?: 69.
Slampiece: honey we need to spend more time together.
Bro:ok ..ill brink my COD game to the kitchen. you can give me dome later.
by ajblansing. February 16, 2011
Bros are people of a secret society. Not like the bros of college or those types, this goes deeper into history. The first bro came from Ancient Greece and has quickly grown from then. They are a nice group of people, but if fucked with, will fuck you over too. Bros meet in conventions called Brassemblies. Can be local or international, and everything in between. The structure is selected by Adrien Brody, master of all bro's. He selects every leader of an area, and Bresidents, etc. The main focus of the Bros are to become a group of people who do many things together. Everyone as a bro is a bro to everyone.
Guy 1: Did you know Obamas real name is Brobama?
Guy 2: Hmm, thats cool
College Bro: Hey guyz, wht are you guyz talking about broham?
by titopei December 02, 2010
Shotgun nattys, cop dome, fuck slam pieces, get said slampieces to make you sandwichs
bro god said let their be sandwiches, and eve made them
by broskiiii122 November 02, 2010
A Bro is mostly use as a hidden code name for being gay, usually a big group of males around the ages 14-16 called as "the bros" of a high school, are just a big group of ashamed gay guys. They remain single but hook up with lots of girls, tell they are all alone with each other to have gay parties. This guys are usually really good looking and don't look gay at all. But trust me they are totally gay.
Bro 1: "Hey Bro isn't that girl over there super hot ass hell, I'm getting a blow job from her tonight.

Bro 2: *whispers* "I thought I was gonna give you one tonight"
by urbanmadness12345 September 11, 2010
a male laxer who is rediclously legit at everything he does. bros most favortite things are drinking beer, playing lacrosse, not wearing shirts, and fist bumping. can also be used talking about ones brother.
"whadda bro"

"that laxer is such a bro!"

hey bro, wanna tear up some turf?"
by laxchick1810. June 20, 2010
The typical douche white male ranging from ages 16-25. They are most often found at parties being overly loud, obnoxious, and making a complete dick of them selves. The majority of "Bros" have played high school football at some point, which boosted their douchebaggery.

Teenage girls are usually into the whole 'Bro' persona, but realize how annoying they really are, and eventually move onto real people.

They are easily spotted, wearing:

-Tapout/ Affliction Shirts
-Plaid Shorts
-Flip flops w/socks
-Air Jordans
-Overly studded shirts
-Sleveless T's
-A baseball cap slightly tilted to the right or left

If you spot someone wearing at least TWO of these listed, you have found a Bro.
Bro 1: BROOO!!! crazy party tonight on campus bro, you down?!
Bro 2: yeah dawg for sure! let me get my wool cap and sunglasses so i look cool.
Bro 2: no fake broham i always have my wool cap and tapout shirts.
by meijerwaterlovahhh June 15, 2010

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