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Bros are dudes that enjoy drinking natty with their shirts off, playing COD, getting dome by their slam pieces, right after the chicks make them a sandwhich.
they also use the word "Chill" alot.

favorite number?: 69.
Slampiece: honey we need to spend more time together.
Bro:ok ..ill brink my COD game to the kitchen. you can give me dome later.
by ajblansing. February 16, 2011
Shotgun nattys, cop dome, fuck slam pieces, get said slampieces to make you sandwichs
bro god said let their be sandwiches, and eve made them
by broskiiii122 November 02, 2010
a male laxer who is rediclously legit at everything he does. bros most favortite things are drinking beer, playing lacrosse, not wearing shirts, and fist bumping. can also be used talking about ones brother.
"whadda bro"

"that laxer is such a bro!"

hey bro, wanna tear up some turf?"
by laxchick1810. June 20, 2010
The typical douche white male ranging from ages 16-25. They are most often found at parties being overly loud, obnoxious, and making a complete dick of them selves. The majority of "Bros" have played high school football at some point, which boosted their douchebaggery.

Teenage girls are usually into the whole 'Bro' persona, but realize how annoying they really are, and eventually move onto real people.

They are easily spotted, wearing:

-Tapout/ Affliction Shirts
-Plaid Shorts
-Flip flops w/socks
-Air Jordans
-Overly studded shirts
-Sleveless T's
-A baseball cap slightly tilted to the right or left

If you spot someone wearing at least TWO of these listed, you have found a Bro.
Bro 1: BROOO!!! crazy party tonight on campus bro, you down?!
Bro 2: yeah dawg for sure! let me get my wool cap and sunglasses so i look cool.
Bro 2: no fake broham i always have my wool cap and tapout shirts.
by meijerwaterlovahhh June 15, 2010
a young man usually the college level age, dressed in a polo shirt with a popped collar, an upside down visor with a pre frayed brim, jeans with holes pre cut into them, berkenstock sandals, an addiction to dane cook and family guy, a genuine interest in jack johnson, and a strong liking for natty ice. Catch phrases such as "Just chill bro" or "bro let's just chill and play gamecube without pants" can be overheard within a twelve foot radius of any said bro.
The two bros walked home after a long ultimate frisbee practice and chilled with eachother, playing gamecube without any pants on. They each enjoyed a couple natty ices while listening to Jack Johnson.
by DLadUSMC November 02, 2009
A male from the age of 18 to 24 that attends a college and most likely lives in a fraturnatiy house. Intakes Large amounts of beer. Wears polos with popped collars, Sperries or Burkenstocks, a backwards cap or upside-down-to-the-side visor, Axe body spray, and lots of Lacoste and Abercrombie. Listens to Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and Dane Cook. Basically a huge douche bag.
(seeing a huge douch bag at a party)
"Man, that guy is such a bro."
by yournamehere766 September 28, 2009
One of your boys; someone who commonly uses the word "chill" or "bro" in place of other adjectives, especially when referring to artists such as DMB, Jack Johnson, or Dispatch. Has a soft spot for Gamecubes, often finding the offer to play Super Smash Brothers with his bros irresistible.

Bros enjoy cheap domestic beer, most notably Natural Lite/Ice ("Financial Lite"), Keystone, Busch, or Genny Cream Ale. Bros are often smokers, although most find cigarettes disgusting.

Bros can be identified (brodentified) by their sandals, witty or vintage tee shirts, and American Eagle jeans. Although traditional bro wear includes American Eagle polo shirts (with popped collars) and frayed visors or baseball hats/caps, this clothing has been reduced to mostly ceremonial wear for broing out with new potential bros (brocruitment). Zip-up hoodies are common for bros in colder climate conditions.
Me and my bro were chillin' out listening to some Dave, but we had to put in some brovertime when my bro showed up with a bro-bowl. We chilled out and listened more Dave before playing Smash Bros.
by Donald J. Walters September 22, 2008