Sucking your buddy's cock, strictly out of friendship and comradery. Just like a bromance, this is not gay. At all.

(not to be confused with how a Chinaman asks for oral sex)
"Brad, these high fives just aren't showing the manly affection I need to show right now. How bout a bro job?"

"That sounds awesome Trent. It's so awesome we're so close and not gay. Awesome."

bro job
by Goob McNa$ty November 11, 2010
When a straight dude gives a straight dude a blow job and the guy getting the blow job closes his eyes and pretends it's a girl.
You have to be best friends to do this or your gay.
tim: hey man I challenge you to a thumb wrestle. and the loser gives the other guy a bro job.
Bob: your on!
by sexerhexertexer April 17, 2009
When a straight guy gives a blow job to a different straight guy.
Me and Chad where bored last night so he gave me a bro-job to kill some time.
by TheHairyBagel July 25, 2010
n. pertaining to bromance, felacious activities performed between heterosexual male friend that makes neither party a homosexual
Give me a brojob. Its not gay. Its just hookin a brotha up.

How about I play a round of halo and you give me a brojob and then I'll let you play a round a brow you.
by Gen Mufn Stonewall Kissinger September 17, 2009
1. Oral sex between two allegedly heterosexual male friends

2. Oral sex by a Chinaman
You want brojob?

by jonas9999 December 01, 2010
The straight, non-gay act of fellatio between two bros.
Hey bro, great job on the field today. I'll give you a brojob back in the change room
by MTofu June 07, 2011
It's not gay. It's just a brojob.
Sam: Hey Josh, I'm hella tired of not being able to score with any of the ladies.
Josh: Yeah dude, hey you know what you need!
Sam: What??
Sam: SCORE!!!!!!
by supergodofjello June 12, 2009

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