<i>East Coast Version</i>
A chick that wants to be one of the guys, but usually gets used for sex. She DGAF (Doesnt give a fuck) about anything. Just looking for "fun" with her loser guy friends. Loves to drink and/or smoke weed. She likes going mudding or off roading in quads or monster trucks.

<li>Overcompensates with ornate nails, hair color, eyeliner for her tomboyish ways
<li>The pretty girl stuffed in a bulky sweatshirt or baseball hat thats been through hell.
<li>Tight Jeans that are 2 sizes too small that gives her a muffin top
<li>Thinks Uggs go with everything.
<li>Says things like "I hate girls"
That bro hoe doesnt have a problem being the only girl drunk at a party with 5 guys.
Check out the flirty bro hoe working at a hardware store and making her rounds.
You know that drunk bro hoe was sore in the morning after going to the strip club and then to the motel with guys from work.
by Egotisticalprik November 15, 2010
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bro hoes are the girl version of bros and no we dont sleep with the boys we roll with so yoou all can quit talking yoour shit but anyway check it: we drive lifted trucks love black eyeliner and mascara we ride dirt bikes just like the guys we are tatted and pierced and we like guys that are tatted and pierced and most of us have black hair or black with blonde we are bitches but only if yoou piss us off true bro hoes know how to fight and could more then likely kick yoour ass we know how to hang with the boys and we ain't afraid to get dirty we shop at no fear and we support clothing like skin srh famous so cal...etc we listen to the kottonmouth kings and kingspade and others like that we drink we smoke and we know how to party we dont take shit from anyone and we dont talk shit behind backs we go straight up to yoou and say it
im a 619 east county bro hoe and proud of it bezzy
by lil miss jenny baby May 14, 2008
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a refined definition of a "Bro Hoe". Girls of a popular stereo type in the west coast, usually ages 14-25 that prefer to hangout with guys that dirt bike, smoke weed, and/or fight. Most dislike other girls (besides their own) and spend their time biking, mudding, smoking and chilling with the "bros".

- usually bleach blonde, with or without dark brown underneath.

- known to wear bands such as SoCal, Metal Mulisha, SRH, FMF, Fox, Alpine Stars, Skin Ind., Hustler, Tapout, ect.

-Consumes excessive amounts of alcohol.

-Smokes lots of ganja.

- dates guys with lifted trucks, drives their own.

-obviously wears lots of makeup.

- tanned skin and flared nails.

- Says "fuck" and "chill" alot, along with "the shit"

- Listens to Kottenmouth Kings, Kingspade, ICP, Cypress Hill, Subnoize soldiers, ect.

- many have tattoos and/or peircings.

- sports bandannas occasionaly.

+ not all are sluts, they just get along better with the guys.

+ most have a DGAF attitude (don't give a fuck)

+ not all are fake bitches, tho some are (just as every other stereotype)
"the one girl whose always with the guys" "that bro hoe"
by kottonmouth-queen May 05, 2010
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a white girl who normally lives in so cal
they think thyre part of a "bro" crew but theyre just used for sex
they have fake boobs or push up bras
they wear ridiculously short skits with no panties
they have no self respect
they think they can ride dirtbikes and play football when theyre really just making idiots of themselves
they have blond hair on top and black on the botom some even make desighns on their heads
their boobs are alwasy poping out of their shirts
they wear excesive metal mulisha, skin, so cal, and uggs
they think uggs go with everything even short skirts
thir pants are alwasy 2 sizes to small

they drink and smoke weed all day
they bang every "bro" that looks at them
99% of them droped out of high schoolor took them 8 years to finish
wear ridiculous amounts of make up especialy cover up
thyre always on my space/ facebook meeting new fuck buddies
thyre think the whole world revolves arround them
they have fake nails and fake hair
drink rockstars all day
they stab everyone in the back

then thres the wannabe bro hoes who are the same as the regular bro hoes but have a beer gut and they dont have sex because theyre to anoying and thy think theyre the shit but everyone hates them and people hide from them!

i live in so cal so i know all this crap!
bro hoe 1: have u had sex with johnny
Bro hoe 2: no y?
bro hoe 1: oh because his cum tastes really good
by i hate idiots 199 December 10, 2010
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bro hoes are lame. the end.
nataile so thinks she is a bro hoe cuz she is going out with that poser bro brandon and they're both lame
by Socal Thugg October 14, 2006
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a girl who hangs out with bros aka dirtbike riders
usually smoke weed and drink,like cheeta print,have half blond half black hair,say dude in every sentence,are NOT virgins,wear brands like SRH,SKIN,NO FEAR,SO.CAL,ECT.
brohoe 1:dude i was so fucked up yesterday.

regular kid: dude you are a poser
brohoe 1:no i swear we hit the bong too.
by Janese G. December 22, 2007
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well.. a bro hoe is very common in so cal and havasu area. they roll with the boys, usually hate all other girls that dont look and act like them. they want to do and have everything the boys have (lifted trucks, dirtbikes, bongs ect) these girls can actually be very sweet but they talk alot of shit. they love running around drunk or stoned out of their mind. flipping off the camera and others is their favorite thing to do. they dream boy is usually Travis Barker or D Loc from Kottonmouth Kings. they were duckfeet which is flaired out acirlic nails. usually designed with zebra or spades. and screwing guys with tattoos is always a plus for them. i happen to roll with alot of bro hoes so im around their enviroment alot.
Cindy-"who myspace is that?"
Jake-"i dont know, just some bro hoe."
cindy-"wow, she looks kinda sluty."
Jake-"well duh, why do you think im looking at her."
by lalalalindsayyyy November 24, 2008
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