Female form of bro. Bro's and Brohoes both enjoy jager bombs, monster energy drinks, smoking pot, and lifted up trucks. Brohoes usually have blonde hair with other random, multi-colors, and their nails are usually long and done with a french tip. They follow bands like Kottonmouth Kings, Kingspade, and Big B. They refer to them selves as "Crazy White Girls". Usually found wearing something from Pac Sun such as DC, Volcom, Skin, Fox Riders, and Famous Stars and Straps. These girls love the members of the Metal Mulisha and other members of the freestyle motorcross rode. Brohoes feel equal to bros, but are still very girly. They "D.G.A.F".
"Is she down?"
"Yea man, a total brohoe."
"Which one is she?"
"The one in the Element hoodie, with blonde hair, hanging around that guy with the green bike."
by Jeszzeray May 26, 2008
-dyed blonde and black hair
-found in often 623 Arizona or California
-Reps the westside
-hangs with the bros
-thinks their sexy with their fat hanging out
-Smokes and drinks insane amounts
-fuck is used every other word
-don't mess with their "crew"
-care less about school
-annoying as fuck
I can't believe you dated a bro hoe!
by KEHAN May 15, 2007
Bro hoe is a stereotype (like prep or goth).
Bro hoes are the girls & the guys are called Bros.

Bro hoe is a girl that goes to the desert & rides.
They love lifted trucks, offroading, partying, & anything desert-related.
They wear certain clothing brands like Srh, Skin Industries,
Metal Mulisha, Fox, So Cal, 187 Inc., Hostility, Fmf, etc.
They shop at stores like No Fear, Outhouse, & Tilly's.
Their favorite shapes are spades & stars.
They get their nails done really long & flared.
Some have their hair dyed half bleach-blonde & half black.
They wear thick black eyeliner & mascara.
They love platform flip-flops & zebra-print :]
They're really outgoing & just love to have fun.
They aren't afraid to take risks & live life to the fullest!
They live a positive life & believe in themselves.
Oh, and they DGAF! lol
I'm proud to be a bro hoe cause I'm positive about life & I'm not afraid to take chances! I also love going to the desert, riding, & lifted trucks!
by socalbrohoe January 08, 2008
A girl mainly between the ages of 13-26.
Knows how to have fun.
"dgafs" Doesnt give a fuck.
Usually has hair bleeched on top and black on the bottem.
wears short skirts or sweat pants daily.
Wears brands such as; Fox, Srh, 187 inc, mob inc, brohoe in., skin, infamous etc.
Says things like chill, dank, bunk, radical, dude, swoop, roll, krew.
Rolls with a krew.
Is down with there shit.
Smokes hookah and marijuana, drinks too much.
Rides dirtbikes.
Drives lifted trucks or rides in them.
Some are sluts others are just down.
I fucking hate preps who think they can fuck with a bro hoe.
by kristyy November 04, 2007
-ages 13-39
-over dyed hair usally crazy colors coontails may be included
-lifted trucks
-platform sandals
-flared acrilic nails
-hang with "BROS"
-smoke potwell some do
-love the desert
-love bands like kmk,kingspade,so cal trash ect..
-love dirtbikes
-love hot bros
-<3 guys with plugs tats and sometims mohawks
-use alot of black eyeliner and mascara the darker the better
-some backcomb their hair like me:]
-dgafdont give a fuck
-some ppl say there sluts but it just depents
-"BRO HOE" is a sterotype like prep or emo or scene
-its a life stylethe way you live ur life
-party hard
-down for almost anything
-drink alot
-mainly live in cali and arizona
-hang witha crew of bros and bro hoes
-will kick ur ass if u fuk wit there friends or family
-friends are family
-live life to the fullist
-have piercings or scarsform doing it themselfs
-have tattoos
-wear name brands like so cal tapout hitman mob 187inc hustler ectalmost everything at no fear or the edge.
-love guns brass knuckles anything harmful
-tan alot
im a bro hoe in the 951 yes, i dgaf and no, im not fukin fake. bro hoes live life just to have fun were not like fukin emos who hate everything we dont care if u say were bad or a "bad eample". so get the sticks out of ur asses and stop hatin us
by ASHLYN_ARCiiN December 26, 2007
a girl who lives in the 951.909 or 928
loves the desert
drinking,some smoke
hang with bros & some bro hoes
listen to music such as kottonmouth kings,king spade,rap heavy metal
love lifted trucks
platform sandals
heavy eyeliner,mascara
love tattoos&pircings
love guys with pircings&tattoos & mohawks
wear: socal,tapout,hustler,mob inc,srh ect...
dgaf what you say about them
ages 12-30
many believe if u talk shit ur jealous
muli-colored hair mainly brown& blonde or black& blonde sometimes have red or pink.
flared acrilics nails with zebra& black or pink base
date bros who have lifted trucks,dirt bikes,wakeboard.
most of them claim to fight or do fight
stand up for their friends
will beat ur ass if you cross them.
some are called slut but they arnt,thy are just girls who live their live to the fullest.
i am a bro hoe and when you hear ppl saying their bad thats a lie in reality we are nice and just want to have fun in our own way.
by so_cal_hustler_928 October 21, 2007
--They think they're all hard and shit because they roll with the 'krew'.
(Usually use k's instead of c's, because of the kottonmouth kings.
--Usually wear the thick dark eye makeup & the thick caked on foundation also, on thier lips.
There more likley to be looser than a dude.
-They have DGAF attitude about everything and anything.
-They think they're the shit, and everyone is below them.
-Usually in Calii or Arizona.
bro hoe:<br?<img src=http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/50/l_b1fde07861014589baacc5a31bb8c1b2.jpg><br>
chick on the far right.
by Ana. January 03, 2009

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