This is a figure of speech in where a bro blindly defends or sides with another bro when engaged in a conversation or dispute with a female, (non-bro). This act, when carried out properly is referred to as "Pulling a Bro Card". It is a nuance of the Bro Code can be exercised in many situations, and may be an actual card, in it's literal form.
Megan: "How can you possibly say that Jessica Beil is a great actress?!"
Josh: "Umm, because she is!"
Megan: "Steve, what do you think?"
Steve: "I gotta go with Josh on this one... Sorry."
Megan: "Did you just pull a 'bro card'?"
by offdutygnome April 29, 2010
Top Definition
an intangible card, of which, each bro has two of. When a bro needs something, and pulls a bro card, his bros must help him in any way possible, despite their previous obligations, warrants, etc. If a bro uses more than two in his lifetime, he is considered a tool
Mark: I need you to wingman for me. Sally is bringing her friend.
Joe: I can't, bro, I have a bowling match.
Mark: I gotta pull a bro card on this one man.
Joe: Ok, i'll tell the captain i cant make it.
by BROB4HOES January 26, 2013
a bath of shit and cum. usually while wearing assless chaps.
Jamie loves to take brocards with his parents.

Man, that brocard was quite refreshing.
by zack dusty September 15, 2006
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