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Function: noun
Pronunciation: ˈbrō ˈbē-tər

Inflected form(s): plural - bro beaters

1. A tank worn by Fratstars or Bros that displays how much the bro goes to the gym. 2. Either has some sort of arrangement of greek characters, a bro approved brand name written across the chest or oblique/side, and/or a further indication of daily gym sessions - such as but not limited to J & T (Jacked & Tan)
Bro 1:"Hey, broski. Tight bro beater. Did you hit the gym today?"

Bro 2:"I hit the gym everyday in my bro beater and you still ask me this question, brosef. But yea brohemian today was Back & Bis."
by nicktomyskin June 04, 2010

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