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The existence of a person who is not only inexplicably adorable, but also undeniably hilarious in many aspects of the word. Energetic; spontanieous; caring; giving. Also related to an aforementioned word brittilicious
Brittany is coming over! I love that little Britster!
by britsterrr May 26, 2007
Hipsters that likes to hear sad brit pop music and hate everything else. They love Vintage design but feel nostalgic about it, they think old times used to be better because they hate their present.
Britsters are the new cool emo kids on the block

Now that im listening Oasis, I feel so like the britsters
by appleadri January 18, 2011
An hipster who speaks in a fake British accent.
A: Hey, how are you?
B: Alllo guv'nuh.
A: Dude, you're from Ohio. You're such a Britster.
B: Cheerio.

Look at those Britsters playing croquet.
by heisenbergian August 23, 2009
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