The last time British music was really fun. Then Radiohead came along with "Hello Computer" and killed it off for a few years. But its influence is strong with newer groups like Coldplay, The Kieser Chiefs and Keane.
Dodgy was one of the best, yet most overlooked groups of the UK Britpop era.
by BGS August 10, 2005
Oasis, Oasis, Oasis, Oasis.
elvis is almost as good as britpop
by bob February 04, 2004
brit pop is a type of music that is almost pop music but is a little bit of rock in it. The people who are in brit pop bands are normally british
the kooks,
the bravery,
kaiser cheifs
are all brit pop bands
by Katie rutter August 27, 2006
great music. some good britpop bands are oasis, doves, travis, pulp, and the smiths.
the smiths are britpop.
by samuel March 08, 2004
So many great bands

Duran duran
by Anonymous September 20, 2003
the most overrated genre ever. all of the bands are overrated and boring as hell especially Radiohead. most of it is soft rock with pop added to the mix. IMO its just boring bullshit, I don't know why everyone likes britpop.

also Kasabian aren't britpop (like that other retard said)
britpop is Oasis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Blur, Keane, Pulp, The Verve, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs etc. Most britpop bands suck (with a few exceptions like Muse)
by laugh in your face June 01, 2006
Britpop is only listened to by the British. Nobody else in the world listens to Britpop (cause nobody is as boring as them.)

By the way...

Radiohead blow. Hard. Get outta here with that boring shit. -->
Britpop is fucking stupid. Go listen to real alternative rock, like grunge.
by Gruntruck Fan August 24, 2006

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