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Britney Spears is a beautiful woman but has a slutty voice. She is talented but is talented as a dirtbag, whore,slut, and she's not any of those but all you people say it so I don't know what you're problem IS!
Annie: Britney Spears is a slut!
Me or Ashley: What is wrong with you people! You are obeying Satan, and if you are a so-called Christian, you actually are a ATEHIEST! And not obeying God!
by Ashanta'e December 03, 2005
Means "Can't spell".
It's spelled BRITTANY. It is a province of France, like Lorraine. Why is it nobody calls their daughters, ANJOU, MAINE,HAUT-SAVOIE, ALSACE, ROUSSILLON, OR PAYS DE PARISIS?
by SN April 13, 2005
She "CHOSE" to be gay with Madonna and Christina in a three-way tongue lock!

That's how gayness happens!

People "choose" it.
Fag Off and Die pyscho liberals!!!!
by abort liberals May 08, 2005