a fairly pretty girl i have to say but not the best of singers...though she tries...but christina agulara is better. oh well
britney spears is the "pop princess" on the pepsi commercials.
by Kathy February 17, 2004
Britney Spears is a beautiful woman but has a slutty voice. She is talented but is talented as a dirtbag, whore,slut, and she's not any of those but all you people say it so I don't know what you're problem IS!
Annie: Britney Spears is a slut!
Me or Ashley: What is wrong with you people! You are obeying Satan, and if you are a so-called Christian, you actually are a ATEHIEST! And not obeying God!
by Ashanta'e December 03, 2005
Means "Can't spell".
It's spelled BRITTANY. It is a province of France, like Lorraine. Why is it nobody calls their daughters, ANJOU, MAINE,HAUT-SAVOIE, ALSACE, ROUSSILLON, OR PAYS DE PARISIS?
by SN April 13, 2005
She "CHOSE" to be gay with Madonna and Christina in a three-way tongue lock!

That's how gayness happens!

People "choose" it.
Fag Off and Die pyscho liberals!!!!
by abort liberals May 08, 2005

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