A music/fashion icon of questionable talent who straight girls are jealous of, straight guys want to bang, and homos want to be. So what if she cant sing-shes got more money than god. Her baby is probably going to be a spoiled little brat, but i still love her.
It's hard to not be jealous seeing complete white trash like Britney Spears go shopping with her billions of dollars.
by lunchemz May 20, 2005
A female pop artist who's pussy has been invaded more times than Poland.
Britney Spears is blown out.
by Lon May 30, 2005
Serial Bride
dirty white trash
One who has gone mentally insane or retarded.
BAD role models for girls of any age
Britney spears thinks shes a great role model for young girls.
Yeah right! if telling them sex before marriage is ok, sleeping around, smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and being married twice in one year is ok.
Then fantastic.
by nicole January 14, 2005
A girl who was once part of the Mickey Mouse Club. She then moved on to being a singer. Some of her songs are: Lucky, Oops I did it again. She married Kevin Federline and then divorced him. She is constantly on the news for her poor choices such as drving with her child on her lap and shopping naked.
Britney Spears was rushed ot hospital! That girl is crazy!
#crazy #singer #famous #celebrity #arrested
by Sandra Jane February 18, 2008
White trash singer who can't sing but any guy would wanna bang anytime, anywhere.... I mean who cares if her tits are fake? Fuck it she can't sing anyway!! She might as well have some nice tits.
"Why do you watch her music videos if she can't sing?"

"Who says I'm watching it for the music?"
by ChaosDemon4 June 17, 2005
A female version of Adolf Hitler.
Girl #1: Zomg, I had the most sweetest dream of me and George! I wish he would notice me! Dreaming about him is so yummy. Do you dream about anyone?

Girl #2: Sure, George. We have an this thing for each other.

Girl #1: (O.O) WHAT?!

Girl #2: Yes, we often talk about strangling and castrating each other. I loathe him so my dreams kinda go like this: *BOOM* *FIRE* *EXPLOSIONS* *CRASH* (insert maniacal laughter) from Adolf Hitler. Or Britney Spears, whichever one works.

Girl #1: *runs away crying*
#eviiiiil #slut #disgusting #whore #ick
by a femme September 09, 2007
A misunderstood pop star who is very down to earth and sweet. She bares her belly, wearing crop t-shirts because she's from the south, and if you've ever been to the south, then you'd know why. She took kids under her wing, becoming their idols, only to grow up as an adult and mature. "I'm not here to babysit you're children. If you have a problem with me, then change the channel!". She has a soulful voice, however, to sound more commercial, she sings in a nasal way. Despite sounding somewhat terrible on stage, Britney can indeed sing. Britney is also a songwriter, though does not take credit for most of her work, as she feels as the original producers and writers play a more important role than her in the making of songs. Britney has not lost her roots despite what people think, and has always stayed true at heart. Media can twist our thoughts; dont believe everything you read, gulliable fools!
Never being allowed to be a rebellious teen since she was always working at a young age, at the age of 25/26, losing herself in a world that seemed to be a fairytale was the only way she could hit reality; the only way to become rebellious was to seek the truth, and she seeked the truth.

Britney has been She seems to have overcome her dark ways and has embraced herself as a human being, looking at her two children, who she adores and loves, as inspiration and motivation for her.

Britney Spears is a southern girl. Nothing more, nothing less.
"Did you buy Britney Spears' album, Femme Fatale?" - John

"Yes! It was amazing!" - Sophie

Britney Spears is not fake, unlike Lady GaGa. She understands her role in the music industry and tries to take advantage of her situations. Controversy follows her name, but at the end of the day, Is it her fault?
#misunderstood #pop star #talented #real #southern
by Wouldn'tyouliketoknow... June 26, 2011
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