The most amazing human being know to man. So fuck the haters. She is basically GOD!
Britney Spears is just about the most amazing thing ever and without her i would die. She is GOD!
by Stephen Alexander November 24, 2007
Britney Spears. Rose to fame in the late 1990's with debut album, ...Baby One More Time. Five brilliant albums.
Hasnt been out of the media since she came on the scene. Many people hate her music for what has happened to her personal life.
David: Omg! Britney Spears has had a crap life, so her music is obviously crap.
Jason: Oh shut up you pathetic idiot. Her music is brilliant.
by OMGITSJORDANN November 19, 2007
Phenominal. She's Currently living off the energy given to her by pathetic and jealous people who write shit about her at COOL! Britney Spears Rocks. She's hot, entertaining, and has made multi-millions doing what she loves to do. Sorry to all you pathetic people who feel the need to diss britney, whom im sure you dont know, to maybe raise your own detrimentally-low self esteems. Go do a sit up...
Gosh, I'm so pathetic and depressed with my own boring life, Let's go on and write mean things about BRITNEY!!!!!! wooooo!!

B.Spears, you rock girl.
by Kerianne July 02, 2005
1)A talented singer who is idolized by many people of all ages and genders, but mostly preteen and teenager girls. She is often called a "stupid slut who can't sing", usually by shallow no-talent losers who can't carry a tune themselves.

2)An act of changing one's self image a lot, usually into a more risque figure.

3)An act of spontaniously getting married in Las Vegas and then divorcing 55 hours later.
1)"Do you like the song 'Everytime' by Britney Spears?"

2)"Everyone knew Amanda pulled a Britney Spears when she showed up with a tight, metallic low-cut designer top and a micro-mini skirt.
by Miss Eighties June 21, 2004
Let's clear some things up.
Britney WAS once a very sweet girl.
But she has gotten lost and fucked up from FAME.
I agree, she has really screwed her career, but she's still a great entertainer. Give her a break. Fame and living in the spotlight is all she ever knew.
Some Bitch who thinks she knows Britney's life story: Look Britney Spears shaved her head!
me: yes, she could be a little stressed right now, but i still love her. she's not hurting anyone.
by Britney lover. June 17, 2009
A beautiful yet troubled pop performer who EVERYBODY hates on, yet still take the time out of their pathetic lives to write mean things about her on the internet.

Did you read that article about Britney Spears on TMZ yesterday?
by OC2LV March 24, 2008
Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American pop singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, film producer, and author. Her debut album ...Baby One More Time propelled her to international stardom in 1999. It spawned the Billboard topping single "...Baby One More Time". She released her second studio album Oops!... I Did It Again in 2000 with continued success. A third album Britney was released in 2001, followed by the release of her fourth album In The Zone in 2003. The album's breakout single "Toxic" won Spears her first Grammy Award. After the release of a remix album and a career break, she released Blackout in 2007.

According to Zomba Label Group, Spears has sold over 83 million records worldwide. The RIAA ranks her as the eighth best-selling female artist in American music history, having sold 31 million albums in the U.S. Spears's fame in the music industry has led her to experiment with other forms of media, including film and television. Most noted for her starring role in the 2002 movie Crossroads, Spears has also made guest appearances in various movie and television programs. Her success as a singer led her to several high-profile advertising deals and endorsements, including her own perfume line.

Spears's personal life has gained much attention from the media. Her marriage to Kevin Federline in 2004 received much publicity, as did the birth of her first child, Sean Preston, in 2005 and her second child, Jayden James, in 2006. The couple's divorce in November of the same year was highly publicized, followed by an ongoing legal battle for the custody of their two children!
Britney Spears is truly a pop icon!
by AJ™ February 02, 2008

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