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A devoted mother and wonderful singer who is constantly being tormented by the media. She is also an individual who has gone utterly insane from all of the years of harrassment she has endured.
Britney Spears can't walk from her car to the gas pump without someone shoving a camara in her face.
by Mildew619 October 26, 2007
85 123
The world's most famous pop culture icon, whether shes on stage or shaving her head! She is purely entertaining!
Whats more entertaining; Britney Spears' performances or her personal life?
by SillySally55 August 06, 2007
135 173
a young hottie (female) who has undeniably awesome dance moves and a gorgeous, muscular physique that she works very hard for by exercising on an elliptical machine and lifting weights, four days a week for 90 minutes. she does this to compensate for all the junk she likes to eat. sure, she's made some bad decisions and can't sing or act, but have we ever seen a sex tape or her flashing her snatch to the camera? no. she is a woman who should be appreciated for her absence of twat in the media, for keeping it real during her pregnancy (i.e. she got fat and is still a little thick), her talent as a dancer, and for her 100% natural physique that, in all its muscualar and curvilicious glory, is yet to be touched by a plastic surgeon. how many media figures can say that?
damn, look at those triceps! she is so britney spears.
181 219
Britney Spears is not a fucking hore or anything. Shes in her fucking 20s so let her live, shit the only difference between her and ppl are that she has money and cameras following her everywhere! so take a look at your life before you go judging hers or anyone elses. U fuck offs
" omfg i really want britney spears greatest hits she may have some rough edges but i love her music!!"
by KT123456 August 22, 2005
191 229
the only person in the whole world worthy of us looking up to. whenever we get ready to go out we listen to her music, and when we're in the car on our way out! britney is our hero!
the pinks.
"hey M & K, let's go out."
"okay, where's the britney music?"
"J, put on 'my prerogative'!"
"nooo, put on 'boys'!"
"nooooo, how 'bout 'do somethin'?"
"let's just listen to them allllll!"
by pinks April 30, 2005
169 207
probably just one of the hottets women on the planet
i masturbate to br1tney spears videos
by johnny rotten April 19, 2005
157 195
no offence but what have u got against her? yeh she shows her stomach alot but why not if its as good as hers?. so shes a bit raunchy shes no where near as slutty as Madonna and everyone frigin loves her. Madonna masterbated onstage and yet shes still a "music legend" all Britney did was wear a short top it aint that bad in comparison. If it wasnt her u were attacking it would be someone else. Now i'm not some britney freak fan i just think its kinda gay u all think shes satan when their are politicians that are way more fake and influencial on young peoples minds and lives.
person a: britney is satan

person b: grow up shes just a singer (who u probably secretly listen to)
by lauren March 15, 2005
215 253