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someone a lot of people diss, but if she told you to bow down before her and lick her feet, you would.
britney is so superior to us all that we should worship her as our goddess
by klop September 05, 2004
a super sexy lady fantasised my millions of females and males
OMG how fit is Britney?????

Shes almost as fit as Ms Spears!
by Bladesman May 04, 2004
a talented pop singer and preformer
who knows what she was thinking when she got married to that dude...
by lena January 28, 2004
An American Pop singer that began as a young child on MMC and Star Search. Britney sold 14 million copies with her debut album ...Baby One More Time, putting her in the Top Selling Record Albums of All Time list. Britney has sold around 83 million copies to date.

Spears' innocence fooled minds. Was she a devil or an angel? Both. The Pop Princess knew exactly what she was doing in her plan to conquer the pop world.

Fans and Foes alike love to watch Britney's every move. Whether you think she is an inspiration, trash, not talented, slutty, or amazing; Britney successfully got to the top.

Despite Britney's personal life problems, who is to say that Britney is talent-less? I want to see you become the 8th best selling female artist in American Music History. as ranked by RIAA. Or become the 12th richest women in entertainment.
Dan: britney spears can't sing the studio totally fixes her voice. She always lipsyncs and it proves she has no talent.

Jenny: actually she is very enteratining with her impressive dance moves and such. its hard to sing at the same time while your working up a sweat, but on the other hand she does sing live very nicely when shes not dancing :)

Kara: if she had no talent she wouldn't be where she is today.
by WindowGirlMadness April 25, 2008
A devoted mother and wonderful singer who is constantly being tormented by the media. She is also an individual who has gone utterly insane from all of the years of harrassment she has endured.
Britney Spears can't walk from her car to the gas pump without someone shoving a camara in her face.
by Mildew619 October 26, 2007
The world's most famous pop culture icon, whether shes on stage or shaving her head! She is purely entertaining!
Whats more entertaining; Britney Spears' performances or her personal life?
by SillySally55 August 06, 2007
a young hottie (female) who has undeniably awesome dance moves and a gorgeous, muscular physique that she works very hard for by exercising on an elliptical machine and lifting weights, four days a week for 90 minutes. she does this to compensate for all the junk she likes to eat. sure, she's made some bad decisions and can't sing or act, but have we ever seen a sex tape or her flashing her snatch to the camera? no. she is a woman who should be appreciated for her absence of twat in the media, for keeping it real during her pregnancy (i.e. she got fat and is still a little thick), her talent as a dancer, and for her 100% natural physique that, in all its muscualar and curvilicious glory, is yet to be touched by a plastic surgeon. how many media figures can say that?
damn, look at those triceps! she is so britney spears.