Britney Spears is not a fucking hore or anything. Shes in her fucking 20s so let her live, shit the only difference between her and ppl are that she has money and cameras following her everywhere! so take a look at your life before you go judging hers or anyone elses. U fuck offs
" omfg i really want britney spears greatest hits she may have some rough edges but i love her music!!"
by KT123456 August 22, 2005
the only person in the whole world worthy of us looking up to. whenever we get ready to go out we listen to her music, and when we're in the car on our way out! britney is our hero!
the pinks.
"hey M & K, let's go out."
"okay, where's the britney music?"
"J, put on 'my prerogative'!"
"nooo, put on 'boys'!"
"nooooo, how 'bout 'do somethin'?"
"let's just listen to them allllll!"
by pinks April 30, 2005
probably just one of the hottets women on the planet
i masturbate to br1tney spears videos
by johnny rotten April 19, 2005
no offence but what have u got against her? yeh she shows her stomach alot but why not if its as good as hers?. so shes a bit raunchy shes no where near as slutty as Madonna and everyone frigin loves her. Madonna masterbated onstage and yet shes still a "music legend" all Britney did was wear a short top it aint that bad in comparison. If it wasnt her u were attacking it would be someone else. Now i'm not some britney freak fan i just think its kinda gay u all think shes satan when their are politicians that are way more fake and influencial on young peoples minds and lives.
person a: britney is satan

person b: grow up shes just a singer (who u probably secretly listen to)
by lauren March 15, 2005
the most famous person ever to walk the face of the planet...
You know who she is dont you
by alice March 01, 2005
A singer from Louisiana who I got beaten up and knocked unconsious for 4 hours for saying that I like her.
I'm not gonna stop liking her just because some twats beat me senseless
by Biddy February 07, 2005
Nobody denies that she's sexually active; not even Britney Spears herself. Sluts are women who have sex with numbers of men without having relationships with them. Britney Spears is married. Just because she's extremely attractive and is comfortable with expressing her sexuality rather than hiding it from the media doesn't mean she's a slut.
Britney Spears is pretty damn hot and nobody can deny that.
by david January 22, 2005

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