Probably the most popular singer in the world. Now, sadly, hated by majority of people. Britney worked a lot when she was on the top during her career, but after years she became a victim of her own fame. It is true she has done many nasty things and that's why she is so hated now. What has to be admitted though, her voice and music are amazing. We should realize she is just human, and humans make mistakes. Disapointed twice in love, tired of working, famous yet lonely, she was slowly going down to the bottom. Shaved her hair, tried to commit suicude. Luckily, she's alright again and is fine now, somehow. Most people call her whore, talentless bitch and such, though her talent is by FAR higher than many of today's pop stars. If people stopped hating on her for at least a second and actually listened to her good songs, like Girl In My Mirror or Where Are You Now, they would realize it. Britney should be supported in any possible way. We hope she will get over this and enjoy her life & fame again and will keep singing for us.
Jake: Wow, Britney Spears is such a talentless whore. Zack: Stop calling her that, she's just a victim of her own fame, just damn sit here and listen to her nice songs and you'll see. Blaze: Go Britney, keep rocking, you have our full support!
by Lance&Anna April 30, 2010
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More hated in America than Osama bin Laden... and that's really, really sad.
Britney can't compensate her fake personality with just being hot.
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 06, 2004
Slut who first aims her music at young kids then acts like a total bitch making her fans be like her producing slutty 10 year olds around the world.
Britney spears is a fucking whore
by Conscript_Johnny July 22, 2004
Overweight recycled hilbilly known for embarrassing herself in public when called upon to perform, for frequently birthing children, then losing custody of them, and for demonstrating her social skills by driving in city traffic with her bare feet propped on the dashboard; formerly, an underaged pop singer whose primary marketing attribute was gyrating scantily clad so as to provide masturbatory material for older men.
by majestic-cheese June 23, 2009
A mechanical pop robot; basically a puppet; a whore; a talentless pop star who thinks that showing skin increases record sales (Amy Lee is determined to help prove that false).
Guy #1: Did you hear about what Amy Lee said about Britney Spears?
Guy #2: Yeah, she was right!
by Mastermind3598 June 19, 2004
Your worst nightmare, white trash with money.
Britney Spears is a common scrubber.
by Joe A. April 04, 2004
some washed up celebrity that everyone makes fun of
"hey did you see that guy that looks like some random woman on youtube screaming about britney spears what a douche bag"
by guntis atvas April 30, 2009
Someone whose next career move is to star on
Britney Spears is so lame, the only way for her to succeed is to audition for and fart on a cake
by Schongerberger September 02, 2008
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