Broad with limited musical ability that I wouldnt pass up the opportunity of porking.
Hey Britney's on! Hit mute so I can strum one out in peace.
by ws January 28, 2004
Hott!She can't sing but she is hott!Damn!Damn!
Look at the video to her song "Toxic" and you'll see what she can do with that hotness of hers!
by Erin Wakey Balowey February 04, 2004
That toxic song was pretty good though, wasn't it?
"Yer she's hot, but she's also the antichrist"
by Lawson March 30, 2005
a really hot singer...thing that i totally hate but will admit to thinking is kind of hot in a dirty, slutty way.
person 1: she's hot!
person 2: how so?
person 1: in a britney spears way
person 2: i need to shower, excuse me
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
A famous pop singer who works with the bunnies to help take over the world. McDonald's workers are bunnies in disguse and Walmart workers are brainwashed drones who work for less than minimum wage.
Britney Spears is an evil pop singer.
by Aeladya January 16, 2005
A really hot chick that some people thing is a hore I i would bang her any day.
The ride every guy wants to go on
by Joemama June 22, 2004
a snobby whore who sings like garbage, and has absolutely no self-esteem. all her music blows total cock, i dont see how it sells. it consists of repetitive beats and lame sound effects in an effort to enhance the already lame lyrics. lyrics, i might add, that have no real depth or meaning. supposedly she lip-sings, but it wouldnt matter, becuase her music is terrible either way. she is very full of herself, and isnt worth her weight in piss. for some unknown reason, kids idolize her, and would rather listen to the crap she puts out then something quality. and remember the kiss with madonna? people would rather talk about that bullshit, then be concerned with current issues that migth actually affect them. granted she is very beautiful, but that is about all she has done for the world.
why our society would rather idolize a whorrish, sleazy, untalented, snobby, good-for-nothing bastard then a band with great talent and lyrical depth is beyond me.
by Eddie March 27, 2004
See Plastic, Barbie, And/or Satan
Britney Spears is 50% plastic, 80% computer generated, and 100% evil
by yo mamma March 12, 2004
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