she might as well walk on her tip toes and come in a box, shes so barbie.shes so fake and NOT sexy,pretty or beautiful.Half her face is covered with a whole make-up shop's counter of slap.she is a disgusting, fucking, whore who has no respect for herself or her stupid fans who claim that her music is amazing.its computerised nonsense.AND!,most of all i hate her for calling AMY LEE(the most talented woman to ever walk the earth) a punked out goth least shes talented, has an amazing, unique dress sense(unlike tarty britney) and doesnt give two fucks what anyone thinks about her.shes her own person and isnt tryin to cover up her real self.shes not going to wear something because everyone else is and its supposed to be fashionable.shes pretty,sexy(to guys anyway),beautiful and has immense amounts of talent.can britney play an instrument?.... i thought not. i fucking hate the bitch so much. i hate all of these stupid plastic, barbie ,pop singers who think theyre so cool because they are 'famous' and have fans who are only like 10yrs old anyway, so why fucking think your some kind of god??.youre not.britney lovers(eww that makes me cringe)if you have any sense, go buy an evanescence cd now.the songs actually have deepful meanings and have alot of truth in them, perhaps then you'll realise what sad people you realy are and what youve missed out on.AMY LEE FUCKING ROCKS and sadly BRITNEY NEVER WILL. god save amy lee. i love you.xxxxx
Half her face is covered with a whole make-up shop's counter of slap. Britney Spears is gay
by AmyLeeWorshipper October 24, 2005
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More hated in America than Osama bin Laden... and that's really, really sad.
Britney can't compensate her fake personality with just being hot.
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 06, 2004
Slut who first aims her music at young kids then acts like a total bitch making her fans be like her producing slutty 10 year olds around the world.
Britney spears is a fucking whore
by Conscript_Johnny July 22, 2004
Overweight recycled hilbilly known for embarrassing herself in public when called upon to perform, for frequently birthing children, then losing custody of them, and for demonstrating her social skills by driving in city traffic with her bare feet propped on the dashboard; formerly, an underaged pop singer whose primary marketing attribute was gyrating scantily clad so as to provide masturbatory material for older men.
by majestic-cheese June 23, 2009
A mechanical pop robot; basically a puppet; a whore; a talentless pop star who thinks that showing skin increases record sales (Amy Lee is determined to help prove that false).
Guy #1: Did you hear about what Amy Lee said about Britney Spears?
Guy #2: Yeah, she was right!
by Mastermind3598 June 19, 2004
Your worst nightmare, white trash with money.
Britney Spears is a common scrubber.
by Joe A. April 04, 2004
easier to get into than mexico
britney spears didn't even need a passport to get into
by dahera April 13, 2008
A wannabe singer, actress and dancer. She has a weak, nasal, obnoxious voice that it often overwhelmed by cheesy, monotonous, equally obnoxious music (which usually shares the same beat in different songs). She's a total hypocrite, treats her fans badly, and her "singing career" has tanked in recent years; now she just does outrageous things to get attention. I wouldn't be surprised if her baby was just for publicity. If it is, she's bound to turn into "Mommie Dearest." If she doesn't get rid of her child, I'll eat my hat.

She either says "I just want to be a role model for my sister." or "I want to be a role model that everyone can relate to". Not only can she not make up her mind, but she seems totally unaware that she's putting a bad image across: drinking; smoking; having sex outside of wedlock (however common it is); marrying two men in just one year; giving the impression in her songs that women should be whores/subserviant to men.

"...overseas places, like Canada."
"Where is Australia, anyway?"
"Why would anybody want to go there anyway?" Further proof of her lack of intellect and her less-than-kind persona.

And her "act", aka, "strip show"... She's not getting much respect because she's stripping; singing repetitive, monotonous songs; and copying other artists; she's unoriginal.
Britney Spears... aka "Pop Tart," "Hickville Ho," "Bubblegum Bimbo," "Princess of Porn," the list goes on. Where has her "career" gone? She's just an attention seeker.

She might be "proud of her body", but there's a fine line between pride and exploitation.
by Lorelili August 08, 2005

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