A type of haircut for a woman, which involves completely shaving off
im going to ask for the Britney

Im going to have the britney done
by Tom1702 September 05, 2008
All famous people are pussyflashing these days .. it's the best thing in Hollywood.
"Look! She's doing a Britney"
by markku December 22, 2006
the act of doing something stupid and ridiculous such as flash your thong to the papparazi or shave your own hair off for no reason even though your a girl just for attention or publicity.
person: that girl think she's all that but she's not
other person: she's going all britney on us
person: jeez... why does she always need all the attention? give christina aguilera a chance!

synonyms: paris hilton, nicole richie, zidane, anyone else in hollywood or new york
by who i be May 06, 2007
A ridiculously straight girl. It's not enough just to be straight, you have to love shopping malls and the colour pink. There are two kinds of Britney's, the kind who will end up in trailer parks married to Chumbos, and the posh-morning-latte ones who will be bussiness women. They enjoy heels and american eagle. The trailer trash variety love children and them on buses, and the posh variety hate kids and plan to never have any.
Hillary Duff is a Britney
by Lucithevampire July 14, 2006
In relation to britney Spears, to have a beer, alcoholic beverage. Britney 'Beers.'
Hand us another britney mate.
by Pussy meister November 06, 2007
An light insult, used mainly on a male
"Move britney"

"Oi, britney..."
1. Beer. From rhyming slang; Beer->Spears->Britney Spears->Britney.
You want to go to the pub? I need a coupla Britneys.
by search49 November 17, 2006

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