A redneck frm down south has huge tits & an ass, cant sing if her life depended on it but a lot of boys and girls would want to fuck her like the little whore that she is.
Dude britney would be better in porn...
by Nick Valadao July 26, 2004
cockney rhymin' for beers. or ears. the first word is the only one to be spoken
set me a britney boss
by phalli May 30, 2004
a person who is not well, loves her grandma, had an asshole husband kevin federline that never appreciated her. wrote a song give me more about how hard it is to be rich. and is going through a difficult time right now.

If you do have any problems with her please first complain to to her.. girl...guy...girl..it....w/e who can tell the difference.. anyways deal with her superfan... chris cocker.

"IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BRITNEY YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME!!" -faggy he/she hermaphrodite thing chris cocker

guy1 - dude did you hear about britney spears
guy2 - yeah apparantly she actually is retarded
guy1 - yeah you can tell buy her singing shes a total downer
chris crocker - hey .. you have to deal with me. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!
by darron12345 October 04, 2007
The cause of wet mattresses belonging to teenage boys.
I woke up with a wet spot on my mattress this morning because I fantasized about Britney Spears last night.
by Maxwell June 29, 2004
Perfection. Aphrodite. Every heterosexual, american male's wet dream.
Man # 1: Damn dude did you see the new britney video?
Man #2: Yea dog i was jizzin in my pants uncontrollably!!
by Greg Mclario June 06, 2005
A pop star who is mostly image....the "innocent, wholesome yet sexy" at the same time things. Has more hate then she deserves, but also has more success than she deserves. Cannot sing or write songs for shit, but is an amazing dancer with INCREDIBLE personality. Sure she's overrrated....but she also doesnt deserve THIS much hate.
Yall leave Britney Spears alone.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005
Pop singer. Loved by prebubescent girls (and some boys), and gay men for her music. Loved by straight men because, well, she's wank material.

Resented by 20-something women because she's hotter, thinner, richer, and more successful than they'll ever be.
So what if she's a whore? I'd be a whore too if it earned me over $100 million a year...
by bob March 28, 2005
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