having impulsive anger so one will be compelled to hit a random car with an umbrella and then shave their head.
greg: whoah did you carla last night?

manny: no
greg: well she got so angry she had a britneyspears.
by imabest March 26, 2010
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Beautiful hotties from Kentwood, Lousiana. She has amazing voice and beautiful face not to mention she act slutty.
There are many celebrities who is the same vulgar as her, but Britney Spears got blamed so much more than others.
by It's Britney! BITCH January 17, 2011
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A world famous woman, the most succesfull female artist of this time. Known for her sexy videos, amazing dance moves and dramatic private life.
A lot of people feel jealousy towards Britney Spears, because or they are fan of a less famous artist or they simply are fans but don't wanne admit it, but they do spend all their time looking her name up everywhere.
by Cindy?8 January 09, 2009
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a really hot singer...thing that i totally hate but will admit to thinking is kind of hot in a dirty, slutty way.
person 1: she's hot!
person 2: how so?
person 1: in a britney spears way
person 2: i need to shower, excuse me
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
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Reigning Princess of Pop, Breakout 1999 artist. Brought "teen pop" back onto the carts along with other artists; Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. Singer, Songwriter, Choreographer, Author, Director and Pianist. Truly a music icon.
Britney Spears Solo-Albums:

1999: ...Baby One More Time

2000: ...Oops! I Did It Again

2001: Britney

2003: In The Zone

2004: Greatest Hits: My Perogative

2005: B in the Mix: The Remixes

2007: Blackout

2008: Circus
by Pepper Michaelson August 31, 2009
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Girl #1: Zomg, I had the most sweetest dream of me and George! I wish he would notice me! Dreaming about him is so yummy. Do you dream about anyone?

Girl #2: Sure, George. We have an this thing for each other.

Girl #1: (O.O) WHAT?!

Girl #2: Yes, we often talk about strangling and castrating each other. I loathe him so my dreams kinda go like this: *BOOM* *FIRE* *EXPLOSIONS* *CRASH* (insert maniacal laughter) from Adolf Hitler. Or Britney Spears, whichever one works.

Girl #1: *runs away crying*
by a femme September 09, 2007
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Let's clear some things up.
Britney WAS once a very sweet girl.
But she has gotten lost and fucked up from FAME.
I agree, she has really screwed her career, but she's still a great entertainer. Give her a break. Fame and living in the spotlight is all she ever knew.
Some Bitch who thinks she knows Britney's life story: Look Britney Spears shaved her head!
me: yes, she could be a little stressed right now, but i still love her. she's not hurting anyone.
by Britney lover. June 17, 2009
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