Talentless. But for some reason her music sells. It's extremely catchy pop and screw it, I freakin like her music. Plus she's very pretty.
If U Seek Amy - Britney Spears
by MissDresden . July 19, 2009
britney is an idol to everyone, and anyone who says she is not beautiful, successful, and an amazing singer is completley jealous. i love her with my whole heart and believe she deserves the best and especially at this time she needs our support. i doubt any of you would be alive if you were in her position, she can't do anything without people taking pictures or recording her every move. she lives in a prison, and no one respects that she is a human being just like the rest of us. she can't even have normal things that everyone cherishes, like taking her kids to a park or watching one of their soccer games. i think all of you who write bad things about her need fuck off. i have never been so proud of anyone, and to see her overcome her struggles, which at times seemed nearly impossible. LOOK AT HER NOW!! TOP SELLING RECORD once again. YOU GO BRITNEY, there is nothing that you can't and will not achieve, you can do what ever your mind sets. i love you, and wish the best of luck to you.
by womanizerforbritbrit09 May 04, 2009
umm the most amazing pretty well rounded person. made mistakes but learned from them and turned her life around. one of the best artist in the world
britney spears makes good music;
circus, womanizer, kill the lights, freakshow, one more time, slave for you, lucky....ext.
by lovesbritney February 05, 2009
A singer who rose to fame in the late nineties early noughties, she fell from grace in 2006/2007 after a very public meltdown but after a complete makeover and a stint in rehab she i back on top form
'Omg Britney Spears's Circus album is fab'
by Sophsterinnitg January 22, 2009
"Mindless robot, poor excuse of a musician, physco"



"Adorable, one of the most successful women in the world, and stressed"

Britney Spears has sold billions of records world wide. You ask people in China if they have ever heard of some of the stars that everyone seems to worship with no problem like Rihanna (who by the way sings through her nose so badly I want to shoot myself).
"Hey, China, do you guys like Rihanna?"
"Rihanna who?"
"Youuuuu knoww. The t0tally hawt musician?"
"Never heard of her."

You ask China if they have ever heard of Britney Spears:
"Hey, China, do you guys like Britney Spears?"

Granted, she did go through a rough patch. But so has 99% of the women in America. The only difference is, their rough patches and anxieties weren't broadcasted for everyone to see.

Britney Spears has been creating music since she was a teenager and she's STILL GOT IT. With her new album out with songs such as "Circus" "Womanizer", she is once again at the top of the charts, and probably still will be when she's old and gray.
"Britney Spears is an overrated redneck."
"Britney Spears makes billions of dollars a year, how much do you make?"
".... No comment."
by Danielle Danielle January 08, 2009
The most amazing human being know to man. So fuck the haters. She is basically GOD!
Britney Spears is just about the most amazing thing ever and without her i would die. She is GOD!
by Stephen Alexander November 24, 2007
Phenominal. She's Currently living off the energy given to her by pathetic and jealous people who write shit about her at urbandictionary.com. COOL! Britney Spears Rocks. She's hot, entertaining, and has made multi-millions doing what she loves to do. Sorry to all you pathetic people who feel the need to diss britney, whom im sure you dont know, to maybe raise your own detrimentally-low self esteems. Go do a sit up...
Gosh, I'm so pathetic and depressed with my own boring life, Let's go on urbandictionary.com and write mean things about BRITNEY!!!!!! wooooo!!

B.Spears, you rock girl.
by Kerianne July 02, 2005

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