a succesful pop singer who is 27 on 2008 December 2 and recently released her latest album, Circus, which was a great success. It sold 500 000 copies in one week.
Britney Spears is the best pop singer ever.
by sladjf;aweifjnc December 13, 2008
someone who has the whole world WHIPPED but all everone does is talk shit about her all because not anyone who talks will ever reach the amount of success & fame she has. smeone who is a great performer and had a rough time for the past 3 years. someone who is making a comeback that noone thought she would be able too & im goin to see her MARCH 11TH YEAHHHH love you brittttt
Britney Spears new song "Circus" : when i crack that whip everybody gonna trip just like a circus
by dinaaa MAGS December 08, 2008
my personal hero. someone who has been through a lot, and came out not too bad off.
You take away britney spears's kids and she will fight for them for two years.
by mo mo loves starbucks August 27, 2008
Britney is called the Pop Princess of America. She is famous for her hit song Opps.. I did it again. She is also known for her wild and outrageous stunts all over hollywood. People say she has no personality and that she thinks more skin sells more records. She claims to live the american dream. She idolizes Madonna.
by DJJB July 10, 2008
1 - A popular pop star who is hated on and discriminated against for no apparent reason. Britney has been on the music since she was 16 years old and has faced backlash for each and every thing she does. Now, while suffering from postpartum depression and a failed marriage, rather than America giving her support, we attack her and her parenting skills. She can't win.

2 - Everyone's guilty pleasure.
Did you hear the new Britney Spears song?
Yeah, I secretly sing it, but badmouth her in public!
by Tlicious November 23, 2007
A women that, with her beauty and talent, used the warped and twisted cultural norms of our society to benefit herself. When all the rest of society is trying to do the same but the difference is they hate on her for her success, while she does none of it to them.
Stop being so fucking jealous of Britney Spears and go have like three plastic surgerys so that you can look as good as she does!
by yourstruly April 26, 2006
da sexiest bitch alive, n ne guy who denys it is utterly n hopellessly gay without doubt, all u bitches tht say she is slutty, i have 2 words to say: SO WHAT!!!

oh, n 2 more words for those who think other wise: "FUCK U/ OFF!!!"
britney is one sexy B-I-A-T-C-H!!!

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