A bald-headed woman.
Have you seen Carol lately? She did a Britney Spears last night and is now completely bald!
by Trendman March 14, 2007
N. Refering to one's Inflatable Boobs
I wish I was Britney Spears.
by Sim February 08, 2004
Noun: Erect nipples or tho on a man or woman. So called because the remind you of Britney, and they stick out like spears.
1) Damn! It's so cold in here! I'm wearin' two sweaters and I still got Britney spears!
2) Man! You could pop a balloon with those Britney spears!
by Andy McLeod February 05, 2004
Broad with limited musical ability that I wouldnt pass up the opportunity of porking.
Hey Britney's on! Hit mute so I can strum one out in peace.
by ws January 28, 2004
The ridiculous and drastic decision for a girl to cut ALL of her hair off for no apparent reason.

Mostly for fame which was led most probably by anger, stupidity, upsetness, injustice, for no reason, or because of the annoying paparrazzi.
Sol: Yeah I know, she pulled a Britney Spears bro.
by royalty-blood February 24, 2010
A person who will never be as talented as Britt Irvin (Canadian TV actress) no matter how hard she tries or how much more money she has.
There are three big differences between Britney Spears and Brittney Irvin (better known as Britt these days) - Spears has one less T in her first name, a lot more money, and a lot less talent.
by Doki Doki Attack! October 07, 2009
A pop singer that people pay way too much attention too, especially her personal life.
Girl 1: Wow did you hear that new Britney Spears song, it really sucks. She is really fat and has no talent. I watch videos of her on tmz all the time.

Girl 2: Wow, you really have a lot of time on your hands you inbred redneck.
by sm94da January 02, 2009
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