If you are british you are one of the greatest people alive.The British are the most intelligent,most soficisticated and the best people in the world.
We invented everything that is more than half decent and we made the world what it is today.
"Dude are you British","Why yes I am", "Im so jealous of you cos Im a Yank and all we invented is pollution and friendly fire"
by LewThePimp May 19, 2007
pretty cool person for the most part
one day there eill eba paradise where brits yanks ans aussies can live together ands not hate each other
by usafpilot May 31, 2005
Something of the United Kingdom unless stated otherwise (Example, Northern Irish person could say they're Irish rather than British).

Common mistakes include:
British = English,
British = English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish

British = English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish.
English is an example of British,
Scottish is an example of British,
Welsh is an example of British,
Northern Irish is a technical example of British,
Irish is NOT an example of British due to Irish independence (Irish war of independence)
by AlanMacClane September 22, 2006
the coolest people around. there country has peaceful weather, the people have awesome accents, and they are the home of about 15% of my ancestors.
my british ancestors came to america to celebrate the first thanksgiving.
by egg nog June 12, 2007
The nationality name for a person from the united kingdom. It's also a language in its own right because they use words to represent meanings, words like bird, tart, claret, filth, bloody, etc etc etc.
"The british are America's best friends."
by Dave January 15, 2004
okay one British is the name of the person from Britian...
two iwas reading these definitions and there is so much bashing going on between the british and the americans, it's rediculess. I was born in Britian that makes me British, but i live in both America and Germany(damn parents divorced)...
Niethor country is better than the other, both have their problems...but America does seem to have more at the moment...
Anyways with that being said...get over these damn sterio-types of us Brits having bad teeth, and thining we are all snoody, and look down our noses on everybody else. Just because Austin Powers was "british" and he had bad teeth doesnt mean eveyone does...Again Hollywood screws with your head.
Same with Americans. Not Everyone is lazy and thinks that they are hard and gangser, and eats at bloody Mc Donalds everyday!!...
There are Ugly people all over the world, trust me I have seen most of it...and if you have bad teeth, well thats why they made braces, now isn't it?
apparently i have to use the word british in my examlpe...yay...
NOW....bloody hell get past your closed minded sterio-types
by brit.amer.stpnk September 30, 2006
what i am, britain is the greatest island on earth, england, scotland and ireland are the greatest countries on earth, we must however apologise for wales, something went badly wrong., we have outstanding natural beauty, there is nothing better than looking out of my bedroom window in the moring and seeing the beautiful english countryside, i am grateful everyday that i am british, we have a queen, we have several great sports teams (manchester united, liverpool, chelsea, arsenal, england cricket football and rugby teams etc) we have produced some of the greatest minds in history (newton etc) we have produced shakespere, chauser and of course we have some of the most stunning females to ever grace Gods green earth, i love being british, i must give a big shout out to all the peoples of the world, it doesn't matter to me if you are british, american, italien, french, iraqi, christian, muslim, hidu, jewish, we are all brothers and sisters and we need to get along.
we had a bigger empire than the romans aswell.
britain is great, i love everyday as a true britishman.
by british1 May 24, 2006
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