A union of four nations, England, Scotland, wales and Northern Ireland. Former world super power. But thanks to largely friendly links with it's former colonies still can hold a lot of clout over international opinion.

With in these nations there is a very rich cultural, historical and enthic diversity that attracts over 35 million visitors a year.

Sadly it's population are now mainly disillusioned with its internal political system and as a result we have a very pro Bush government ruling a very anti bush population. However the British people have their own way of dealing with their rogue leaders.
2.5 million people marched through London against Britains involvement in Gulf war 2 and other marches the same day involved another 4 million people. There wishes were ignored. A price Blair is now paying at the ballot box.
by black flag May 29, 2004
British does not mean English. Britain consists of four nations: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. NEVER call an Irishman "british" because he (or she) will hurt you.
We LOVE laughing at ourselves and everyone else.(We call this "taking the piss".) We have a pretty evil sense of humour, but that's the best kind! We excel at black comedy, sarcasm, satire, understatement, and comedy in geneal. Alot of people don't 'get' our humour, but i suppose that's down to cultural differences. We're proud of our sense of humour.
We don't all speak posh, like the queen. There are SO many accents in the UK. I've lived in Britain all my life, and I've only met a handful of posh people. I hate that people think we're all upperclass and aristocratic,. Not true ATALL!
We don't sit around having tea parties, with china tea cups, and frilly tablecloths. We don't use words like "cheerio", we DO NOT love the queen.
You wish you were British
by tiara11111 January 02, 2008
The people who inhabit the large northwest-European islands known as the British Isles. These are, without a doubt, one of the greatest ethnic groups of people in the entire world. The nation known as the United Kingdom (or Great Britain) use to own a great majority of the earth, with colonies in North America, Africa, Far East Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and subcontinent Asia (India).
In my opinion, the British are a wonderful people, with an awesome culture, beautiful women, the greatest accents, and some of the best bands in the world.
I love the British a lot. I'm very proud to be mostly of British heritage.
by The Kentucky Yankee April 22, 2005
a group of people with good fashion, food, actors, and cars.
i wish i was british...
by postmodern x August 04, 2005
The people who, with the help of our american cousins, keep the world as normal as we possibly can, we try to keep a ceiling to the fanatical ruthlesness that has been bestowed upon us through our own kindness. it is my opinion that by trying to help weaker countries to defend themselves we have made ourselves targets.
I am aware that even between the US and UK we have idiots who, for one uneducated reason or another happily slates the other. I have no desire to even read any of these pathetic wasters comments. I am a proud brit, I am a serving british soldier and have worked closely with the US on operations, i have not yet to date met a yank that i dont like. i spent six very long months in IRAQ and they were the longest months of my life. the poor yanks had to stay for almost a year, away from there wives, husbands etc. the way the US dealt with 9/11 for example how can you not respect the americans if nothing else. I am a brit, I am a proud blood-relation to every man and woman in the united states forget the criticism we may have for our governments, they make the decisions not the people.
no other countries care so passionatly about the world, most of our "allies" adopt the "passer by" syndrome wich makes this world so very very weak, eg;A person being beaten in the street, the passer by walks on, after all, he's OK, all this attitude does is tell the terrorist that while so many decent people in the world do care, there are billions more who are happy to just walk on by because they themselves are OK. cousin america, we all make mistakes, but dont you ever change!
ww1 ww2 iraq afganistan who else cared as much as british / United States? everyone was bothered few countries had the balls to do something about it.
by Philip Ash September 09, 2007
A group of people who are constantly bashed by redneck, ignorant Americans whose entries are making them look like complete assholes, not the British.
Britian has four countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. NOT JUST ENGLAND. Contrary to popular belief, the British are just as normal as every other nationality. They have better music than most countries (i.e Bloc Party kicks ass), better actors than most countries (Gary Oldman), better books than most countries (Harry Potter) and overall, better than most countries. If you don't like it, go suck on Prince William's balls. If you're American, and you're speaking English, then why in the hell are you bashing them? YOU SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE, DUMBASS. Get over yourselfs and show some damn respect
Ignorant asshat: ooo, bad teeth? You must be British! Hahahaha, hack.

Person: ooo, low IQ? You must be an idiot! Fool!
by CrimsonSmile October 30, 2006
Whats it like to be British? An understanding of subtle irony in comedy is very important as is a self depreciating sense of humour. Hating the French and most other Europeans would be an advantage but viewing the former colonys as "naughty children" when they start wars or international feuds etc. Manners and a sense of fair play are also very important. I personally do have bad teeth and see no real malice in americans making jokes about the british teeth (its just a joke!!)
Oh and on a final note we gave the French mad cow disease LOL!!!
"Yes you did bail us out in 1945 but we gave you our splendid language"
"British people best in the world, old chap"
by Pikey mullet September 28, 2005
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