We British have an obsession about talking about the weather, It's never good enough for us. It's either too cold in winter, too hot in summer, too wet in spring or it's too windy in autumn. The weather is strange in britian, the weather woman/man on tv is rarely ever right... he's/she's only right when he/she says the snow will melt by tuesday.
But then again, thats when it snows....

The British public has a voice which is usually heard, and usually criticizing the government. We are very bad at choosing prime ministers every time they get progressively worse at running the country.

We like the Americans in general because they give us such good television, such as the simpsons, family guy all the rest. Although, they constantly take the mick out of us, At then end of the day, we like the attention.

Yes we do drink excessive amounts of tea. But not with crumpets or scones, that's so last century. It's biscuits.

The people of britian come in different shapes, sizes colours, religions and we all just about get on... we all share a love a Britian, the landmarks, Her magesty the queen, and of course... a low opinion of the government.

The British sense of humour is a very dry, witty sarcastic one, which some people describe as being the lowest form of humour. We reject this fact and continue using sarcasum on a daily basis.

We also have the BBC yes the only channel which cannot be bothered to have adverts, so they charge us a ridiculous amount each year... and if we don't pay we can't have a tv.... which is arkward.

In general, we like to be different, each city has it's own accent.

The further south you go the posher you sound.

The further north you go the rainier it is. (poor scottland)

We also call our country Great Britain, Although we always have something to complain about.
It is a well known truism that the British are obsessed about the weather.
by SquarishCircle September 19, 2009
Top Definition
Good people that have my respect any day. Any of my fellow Americans who trash talk the UK can go to hell. Likewise for any brit who trash talks Americans. Only uneducated and uninformed people(s) trash other nations people. It's okay to speak out against the government, but the government and people are too separate things. Usually these people who trash talk have never visited the other country, thus they judge their whole opinion on skewed media and television.
Fuck the ignorant assholes from America, UK, and all other countries who try and soil the wonderful ties between all democratic nations. I love all my European ancestors and hope they do the same.
by Cityindesert August 06, 2004
A beautiful country with a lovely culture and people, with that people consisting of incredibly gorgeous women. Great Britain is one of the United States' only true allies. As an American, I am personally proud and happy to have the British as allies. I love the British, they are an awesome people, and have the coolest accents in the world; far better than the French.
I am also proud to have over 70% of British blood flowing through my veins. I love the Motherland!
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 11, 2004
Awesome people, and most of the time the best friend of America. But I'm starting to lose faith on my fellow Yanks if we bash the British like that. They never did anything to us since Napoleon...but they did become one of our greatest allies.
I'm pretty damn sure they don't say "cheerio" every other word. -_-
by alb April 22, 2005
someone who comes from uk

has two legs , arms, eyes, a head , and a nose a set of teeth not unlike your own and doest really mind americans but they seem to mind the british quite alot
"my passport says i am british"
by infamous hatter September 27, 2003
The British are a country of awesome people who have invented many things and has written great literature. If it wasn't for Britain, the world would be totally different, I mean, Americans really can't bad-mouth Britain as if it wasn't for them, there would be no United States! However, Americans are just as awesome of a group of people as the British. Americans have helped the British, the British have helped Americans, British have made things, Americans have made things, Britain has been a superpower, America is currently a superpower.... seriously, America and Britain, becaise landmass, are equal. They are definetly the best two countries of the world, and without them, i dont even want to think what the world would be like!!
Is one needed? For real, do you not get my point?>>
by Gem in eye September 13, 2004
I'm proud of being british, i'm sure your proud of being patriotic too of your country.

I also thought the americans were our friends...obviously not, they seem to hate us for some reason judging by the amount of crap isults posted in this dictionary...
personally, I was interested into the amount of directed hate towards us by our american friends and thought why?

apart from our recent international relations with you with invasions against terror and other types, I thought, as a british citizen, that things were normal but instead a find abuse flying between minority groups of the urban dic-tionary from both our nations.

minority groups on your side seem to think that "we go around thinking we own the place", what bollucks, our empire days are over and only hope that it caused as much good as it did bad.

also, you seem to think we live in a mary poppins world with plummy accents; yeah, our accents are weird but we're proud of that :)

saying all this to a british guy and the remarks about bad teeth would just piss him off, becuase it stereotyping at it's worst.

I have a lot of american friends who arn't like certain groups in this dictionary, which is simpy, displaying the bad minorities of both our nations

peace people :)
by susan May 23, 2004
the only race in the world who make a sport out of making fun of ourselves and each other. Heres its called slagging and it means you dont get beat up for making a joke about someone. we also complain about everything :weather, schools, food, work, tescos etc. not alot of people like us but hey if we didnt exist neither would a lot of other nations e.g united states.
Also not everyones accent is posh. in fact only a handful of people do. But every accent here is unique and unless you're from that place you probably wont understand a word that person is saying!
British slang:

What a minger


by sarah14 May 20, 2006
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