British does not mean English. Britain consists of four nations: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. NEVER call an Irishman "british" because he (or she) will hurt you.
We LOVE laughing at ourselves and everyone else.(We call this "taking the piss".) We have a pretty evil sense of humour, but that's the best kind! We excel at black comedy, sarcasm, satire, understatement, and comedy in geneal. Alot of people don't 'get' our humour, but i suppose that's down to cultural differences. We're proud of our sense of humour.
We don't all speak posh, like the queen. There are SO many accents in the UK. I've lived in Britain all my life, and I've only met a handful of posh people. I hate that people think we're all upperclass and aristocratic,. Not true ATALL!
We don't sit around having tea parties, with china tea cups, and frilly tablecloths. We don't use words like "cheerio", we DO NOT love the queen.
You wish you were British
by tiara11111 January 02, 2008
British People

The people of Great Britain have an accent that gets annoying easily. Great Britain consists of England, N. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales but if you call them British they will get offended and say "No you stupid American, I'm English!" Even though the dumbasses all come from the same country, Britain. Generally, their hobbies include drinking tea, having a horrible dental hygiene, making shitty humor, putting u's in the word humor, and pissing on Americans. Even though that proves their just as arrogant and stupid.
American: That shitbomb drinking tea with Queen Elizabeth with cornuts for teeth over there is Jack, he's British.

by That's Incredible March 15, 2015
A good, fun, tea-loving, good sitcom-producing bunch of people. Some Irish resent them for constantly taking over the small country and owning 2/3 of Ulster.

Generally good people but as an Irish person I'm a little cautious in case more riots (eg the Troubles, Easter Rising, Plantations) break out.
British people speak in lots of dialects.
by MissyUseless-and-Irish April 10, 2011
The people who wish they were Irish
Hugh Grant: Cor Blimey I wish I was Irish.
Colin Farrell: Fuck yeah you british knob.
by ciara2011 March 02, 2011
The only people in the world that find their own stereotype funny
American and British guy watching a film making fun of both their cultures

British: LOL! (puts on a bad posh accent) Cheerio! I say!
by Akenna January 02, 2012
An indigenous person born and raised here who is decended from generations of ancestors who have for thousands of years worked, fought and died to protect this great land. Not a foreigner who's just got off a plane at Heathrow, the underside of a truck at Dover or a banana boat in the 50's.
I concider myself British because I can trace my family tree in this country back some 400 years. My grandparents fought in WW2 and my great grandparents in WW1. I would not concider myself British if I was born and could trace my family roots in another country and merely came to this country in order to find work or improve my quality of life. Equally I would not claim to be, or expect to be recognised as Indian if I upped sticks and moved to Delhi, or Nigerian if I moved to Abuja.
by A Briton February 07, 2007
I'm American and I frickin love the British (ENGLANDERSSS!) there epic people and whoever talks trash about them sucks and is insecure, the British are epic and have cool accents and have some pretty women and hot guys. And the British who talks trash about Americans are insecure too.
but yeah, the British are amazing. and dont forget it.
by Skinnychick August 22, 2011
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