British does not mean English. Britain consists of four nations: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. NEVER call an Irishman "british" because he (or she) will hurt you.
We LOVE laughing at ourselves and everyone else.(We call this "taking the piss".) We have a pretty evil sense of humour, but that's the best kind! We excel at black comedy, sarcasm, satire, understatement, and comedy in geneal. Alot of people don't 'get' our humour, but i suppose that's down to cultural differences. We're proud of our sense of humour.
We don't all speak posh, like the queen. There are SO many accents in the UK. I've lived in Britain all my life, and I've only met a handful of posh people. I hate that people think we're all upperclass and aristocratic,. Not true ATALL!
We don't sit around having tea parties, with china tea cups, and frilly tablecloths. We don't use words like "cheerio", we DO NOT love the queen.
You wish you were British
by tiara11111 January 02, 2008
We British have an obsession about talking about the weather, It's never good enough for us. It's either too cold in winter, too hot in summer, too wet in spring or it's too windy in autumn. The weather is strange in britian, the weather woman/man on tv is rarely ever right... he's/she's only right when he/she says the snow will melt by tuesday.
But then again, thats when it snows....

The British public has a voice which is usually heard, and usually criticizing the government. We are very bad at choosing prime ministers every time they get progressively worse at running the country.

We like the Americans in general because they give us such good television, such as the simpsons, family guy all the rest. Although, they constantly take the mick out of us, At then end of the day, we like the attention.

Yes we do drink excessive amounts of tea. But not with crumpets or scones, that's so last century. It's biscuits.

The people of britian come in different shapes, sizes colours, religions and we all just about get on... we all share a love a Britian, the landmarks, Her magesty the queen, and of course... a low opinion of the government.

The British sense of humour is a very dry, witty sarcastic one, which some people describe as being the lowest form of humour. We reject this fact and continue using sarcasum on a daily basis.

We also have the BBC yes the only channel which cannot be bothered to have adverts, so they charge us a ridiculous amount each year... and if we don't pay we can't have a tv.... which is arkward.

In general, we like to be different, each city has it's own accent.

The further south you go the posher you sound.

The further north you go the rainier it is. (poor scottland)

We also call our country Great Britain, Although we always have something to complain about.
It is a well known truism that the British are obsessed about the weather.
by SquarishCircle September 19, 2009
People who everyone seems to think drinks tea and is all posh and upper class and are soft but seem to forget or don't seem to know that today's british are descended from ancient britons,british celts, woads etc etc-who are some of the fiercest people who ever lived
uneducated, ignorant moron- You're british you're a snotty tea-drinking idiot

British person- Fuck you, I'm descended from Woads, warriors who put woad juice on them to turn themselves blue and are like 7 foot tall! And would put the fear of god into you! Oh, and be glad Boudicca (yes that is it's proper spelling) can't hear you because if she could she'd get her chariot with swords on it's wheels and cut you in half!
by whatevermate101 July 11, 2009
The Roman Empirer invades Britain in 43 BC and establishes the province of Brittania. When the Romans leave Britain, the island is invaded by germanic tribes like the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes. The Anglosaxon tribes are united in 871 in the Kingdom of England, a feudal state. Large part of the country are conquered by Denmark in the ninth century. Finally in 1016 Denmarks rules the whole country. The Saxons regain power in 1042.

In 1066 England is invaded by the Normans from Normandy and they form the rulers of the Kingdom of England. The English conquest of Wales succeeds in 1282 and English rule is established 2 years later. An act of 1536 completes the political and administrative union of England and Wales. This is followed in 1607 with the annexation of Ireland. England becomes a republic in 1649 (the Commonwealth of England), but the monarchy is restored in 1660.

A second revolution leads in 1688 to a parliamentary system of government: England is now more or less a constitutional monarchy. In this system two parties exist, the Whigs and the Tories. These are not political parties in the modern sense, but cliques of nobles fighting about power. England and Scotland merge in 1707 into the Kingdom of Great Britain. Between 1715 and 1768 the Whigs dominate, but until 1830 the Tories have power. In 1901 Ireland is legally incorporated in the kingom under the name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland one year later. Britain's industrial revolution greatly strengthened its ability to oppose Napoleonic France. By the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, Britain is the foremost European power and its navy ruled the seas. Peace in Europe allows the British to focus their interests on more remote parts of the world and during this period the British Empire reaches its zenith. British colonial expansion reaches its height largely during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). British colonies contribute to the United Kingdom's extraordinary economic growth and strengthen its voice in world affairs. Thats what makes a great nation and people
Roman, Empire, Germanic, Tribes, anglosaxon,british
by spacekit February 01, 2009
Britain =

This is for the ignorant Americans (please, no offense - you are our overseas cousins), who all think that Britain is basically England... Errr....... nay...!

Britain is a united Kingdom of many countries. It is made of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and then England. Up until a short while ago, Britain (or the united kingdom - uk) had Hong Kong as part of it's empire... With Canada and Austrailia still part of the family nowadays.
American = Omigod! Are you Scottish?!
Scot = Yeah, I'm British.
American = But, you don't sound British...?
Scot = That's cos im feckin Scottish!
American = So... you lied?! You aren't British =P

Scot = *has a spasm attack*GAH!!!!!
by Crimson Charmed Cheeks August 08, 2009
Good, kind, highly intelligent people who are the aborigine of great Britain and not from any colonial state, for example India or Pakistan as these people call them self British when they are trying to claim benefits.

The British are now second class citizens in there own courtiers mainly England, Scotland and Wales. They are also disrespected by the immigrants who came to their green and pleasant land during the 1960’s. They are still getting trodden on by there own government. Any Brit who speaks out against immigration to the little islands is promptly called thashest, racist, xenophobes, of a Nazi, but never a patriot.

The Britain is now greatly disrespected by the countries of Europe that it once sacrificed millions of innocent men and women to liberate from the Nazi occupation so I think they deserve a lot more respect.
"great briatin dont ow the world fuck all"
"Down trodden people who get disrespect from foreigners in their own country"
“Descendants of people who originally came from the British Isles”
by micheal smith June 19, 2008
the british consist of irish, welsh, scottish and english and just like most other races, are all different. some may have yellow teeth but actually i have never noticed this, most of the people i know don't really like tea either. i do know a couple of gays but they rock, i say fuck a lot, am evidently less racist than you, czardoflad, have never said wicked in my life. if colour/color has a correct spelling at all, i spell colour right, americans are the ones who spell it wrong seeing as the american dialect has evolved from english.
a lot of great things have come out of america but czardoflad is not one of them

PS. arse sounds cool i like saying it, ass is a kind of donkey.
by anna January 07, 2005
A godly race of people. Show up early on or on time for every war. WON WORLD WAR II I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW!!!! Not all toffs and full on tories as stereotypically thought. The majority quite rightly detest the French. Owned a third of the world back in the day until the French decided to be a bit pussy leading us to have to sell off our empire. Have the most interesting history out of all world nations. Hate George Bush but love Obama. Memorably critices any government that happens to come to power. Best sense of humour. World's best slang. World's most famous sporting nation. Need I say more about the divinity of the British race?
e.g. 1
French person: (chatting in some shit language) Sacrebleux the British pigs

British person: Mate, we fucking bailed you out of world war II. You are an ungrateful cunt.

e.g. 2

Some random American prick (granted most Americans are decent people): We own at everything, the world is a douche.

British citizen: Showing up late for every war ... Need I digress?
by BigMac2009 July 13, 2009
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